Birding Highlights 2018

A.C. Stark

I have long been somewhat interested in birds. Who isn’t?! However, I think it is fair to say that in 2018 I finally evolved into a fully-fledged birder. Here is a small collection of what I spotted throughout the year. All of these images are my own and were captured on my phone (albeit attached to a spotting scope). Double tap for a close-up and please feel free to leave any comments.

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So, A New Round Of Cultural Destruction


by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Well, the cultural Marxists who are hell-bent on destroying Southern culture seem to be trying to play mind games with us poor Southern deplorables. They waited this year until the middle of August to start the cultural offensive that they started in April last year. All the better to keep us off balance and make us think they were going to let us alone this year. We have to start learning to disabuse ourselves of such foolishness. Those people will never, and I mean never, leave us alone until they have thoroughly torn down our culture and heritage and we better start getting that through our heads! Those  people are playing for keeps. Most of those on our side are just playing.

It’s really great to go to a march or a rally or write a letter or…

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Who Was Sonya Carson…

Two beautiful life stories . Thank you for sharing XO

The Last Civil Right


On November 6, 2017 Baltimore Fox reported the death of Dr. Ben Carson’s mother, Sonya Carson.

Everyone knows the name of Dr. Ben Carson, the United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under the Trump Administration, but they don’t know the woman behind the amazing man!


We have often heard many stories from Ben Carson about his mother, as he incorporates them in many of his public speeches often. The day before Ben Carson was to announce his bid for the Presidency Ben Carson found out that his mother Sonya Carson who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2011 was dying. Because of this news, his Rally was postponed.


Sonya Copeland Carson was raised in Tennessee and was 1 of 24 siblings. According to an article written by History’s Women Sonya Carson was a very religious woman and allowed her faith to be her strength. Her motto in life was…

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Has Teen Vogue Lost Its Mind?!?

The Last Civil Right

This blog contains information on a topic that is sexual in nature. Some may find the topic offensive in nature……

Many adults do not pay attention to what their children are reading today, especially if they are between the Tween age to 18. You may want to start today though! Teen Vogue has released an article in their July issue written by Gigi Engle on July 7, 2017 that has caused quite a bit of controversy amongst parents.

Who is Gigi Engle?!

GigiEngelGigi Engle is a Writer, “Sexpert”, and Feminist according to her website. She is the former senior sex and lifestyle writer for Elite Daily, and her work has also appeared in other magazines such as Allure, Elle Magazine, Glamour, Cosmo, Marie Claire, Men’s Journal, Ravishly, and Bustle; all while maintaining a weekly advice column with Hinge  titled “Ask Gigi”. She also has other various…

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