Taqiyya Exposed? – Cleric Tied To San Bernardino Terrorist Attacks Denies Ties, Phone Records Indicate Otherwise…

#muckfuzzies are given “permission” to lie to #Infidels

Do not be fools!

Abbassi, a Pakistani, insists he had nothing to do with the shooting at a San Bernardino County government building five miles from the mosque. While he confirms the text messages with Farook, he claims they were merely discussing food donations for his Dar-al-Uloom al-Islamiya of America mosque.

Gift of the Blackguy

The Kakistocracy

One element of the professional media corps that distinguishes it from foaming bloggers is a refined sense of propriety. Of decorum and discipline. There are times of particular cultural sensitivity when it’s just not appropriate to cast aspersions on groups not inclined to tolerate criticism. Those would be days that end in the letter y. To do otherwise is simply gauche. Professionals understand this.

Every group claims such moments of media deference. Christmas is another example. Traditional America holds this as its most sacred holiday. A time for love, forgiveness, and appreciation. Even if each of these disintegrates by sundown, we still pay tribute to the aspirations of our virtue. It is said amateurs talk tactics while pros talk terrain. And pros in the media know Christmas is the terrain one doesn’t attack from.

That’s why New York Times’ management paused its artillery long enough to run a rare expression…

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Of Muslims and Bill and Hillary

“A trail of Death”
The following is a list of a number of persons who have died in suspicious circumstances who
had connection to the Clintons or the Clinton’s dealings. The length and breadth of this list is
disconcerting. It is beyond credibility that very many of these cases are coincidences. Forward
any errors or inconsistencies as the list has been compiled from multiple sources:

Cry and Howl

We finally found out why Lakeisha N. Holloway drove her car into a crowd of people in Las Vegas the other day, killing one and injuring 30+.  She got her panties in a wad over a video featuring Donald Trump … Barack Obama will  be giving a speech on ‘car-control’ after his Hawaiian vacation.  Well, I’m wrong. Miss Holloway is the real victim in this incident.

The major media is going ballistic over Trump saying that Hillary “got schlonged” when she ran against Obama in 2008 for the Democrat nomination. That’s really pretty mild if you ask me. She got her fat a$$ handed to her along with the promise of making sure she’ll win the 2016 election.  Anyway, ever notice the silence and / or downplaying of when Obama referred to Tea Party members as “tea-baggers?” I guess, you know, considering the color of Obama’s skin, what he says…

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