New York Times editor says Trump has put his reporters’ lives at risk

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

November 19th, 2019

This is complete and utter balderdash.

Trump racially biassed? Minorities have not had it this good in perhaps 50-years, employment is us, paychecks are up, vehicle and homeownership are up.

The leftist spinners just keep spinning.

First, the story comes from the New York Times, the original purveyor of fake news with a leftist’ cup of morning coffee.

Let’s be very clear, his so-called reporters are far more likely to be struck by lightning or waiting for a story such as this to fall from the sky as if it were sent from God Almighty.

If the President of the United States can’t call them what they are, that’s too bad.

Not to worry, the tired “Old Gray Lady,” will likely go into bankruptcy, she just doesn’t seem to want to die.

Dean Baquet decries the abuse of journalists and defends not calling…

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How Big Government Hurts Women

Jim Campbell's

By by Jim Campbell

November 19, 2019

My first serious job while I was in college and for two years after I worked as a Repoman for General Motors Acceptance Corporation, the financial arm of General Motors.

GMAC Repossession Policy: A complete joke in that I never knew they existed or visited with a customer who read one.

I saw first-hand something very disturbing car payments, usually, Cadillacs and Buick Riviera’s were paid for but only when the welfare check came.

I quickly put together that when I knocked on the door or rang the bell, the male individual in the home or apartment would bolt out the back door.

Why was that?

Because in order for a woman to receive welfare, no husband or male role model could be living at the address.

Thank you, Democrats, circa 1966 and for another “Feel Good Policy,” that failed.


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Developing a Servant Spirit


Matthew 20:17-28

Personal ambition and servanthood aren’t always compatible. In fact, they are often at odds with each other. A servant’s goal is to please his or her master in whatever way is required, but personal ambition strives for self-advancement. Jesus’ words from today’s passage must have sounded foreign to the disciples’ ears since, according to the thinking of their culture, greatness was acquired by striving for it, not by serving.

Like them, we live in a world where many people are seeking to make a name for themselves. They set goals, make plans, and do whatever is necessary to achieve what they’ve set out to do. But as Christians, we’re to live by a different standard: exalt Christ, obey His commands, and serve Him faithfully by doing His will, not our own.

We’re not called to gain fame and fortune by leaving our footprints in concrete for all to…

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When You Are Just Weary and Tested


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Love is patient, love is kind…. it is not easily angered. 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 

Children are a blessing, they give us so much joy. But let’s be honest, there are days when they can stretch a parent’s patience. Raising a child is no easy task. As parenting author Paul Tripp says, sometimes it’s just mission impossible.

It’s thus with mixed feelings that I’ve been reading recent reports in the newspapers about children being injured—or worse—when their parents lost their temper. In one recent case, a five-year-old boy died from injuries allegedly inflicted by his parents, who are now on trial for the murder of their child.

As imperfect beings, we will surely stumble and fall. Often, we will not respond to situations in the best way. We need God’s grace to redeem our mistakes and prevent us from continuing down the path of destruction—for ourselves and for others.

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VIDEO Over the Edge – Necessities for Effective Prayer


Have faith in God.  Mark 11:22

Adventure seekers in Omaha, Nebraska, can rappel off the Highline Building during an annual event called “Over the Edge” that raises money for Greater Omaha Youth for Christ. The organizer explained, “That first step is the hardest when they tell you to trust the rope and lean back. That’s the hardest part but it is thrilling.” Imagine stepping backward with 230 feet of thin air below you, supported by a single rope. It feels dangerous, but, done correctly, it’s safe, exciting, and the cause is worthy.

The followers of Christ are like that. We lean on Christ during the cliffhanging moments of life and trust Him like a climber walking down the side of a building. In his book, Trusting God, Jerry Bridges wrote, “It often seems more difficult to trust God than to obey Him. The moral will of God given to us…

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The Feds Keep Inflating, But Someone Has to Pay America’s Debts, by Bill Bonner

….America’s pulse has been weakening too – at least since the turn of the century. But what will bring it down? Barbarians? Mexican immigrants? The China trade war? Nope; the U.S. will go bust in the old-fashioned way, by spending more than it can afford.


The tooth fairy is going to pay the US government’s $23 trillion and counting debt. From Bill Bonner at

YOUGHAL, IRELAND – Today, amid all the noise and distractions of Donald J. Trump’s impeachment, we return to the slo-mo financial calamity inching towards the U.S.

First, some context. Here’s what is happening:

The two main factions of the Deep State – Republicans and Democrats – are fighting for control of the government. The headlines tell us about every bomb thrown and missile launched in the impeachment proceedings.

Government is essentially a win-lose enterprise. Its internal battles – even when disguised as solemn rituals – are mostly to determine who gets ripped off by whom.

Most likely, the present drama will end in a draw. Mr. Trump will be impeached by the Democratic-controlled House… but not heaved over the side by the Republican-controlled Senate. And after the impeachment battle…

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Combat Vet Senator Richard Black Fighting the War Party, by Hunter DeRensis


Most of America’s most ardent proponents of interventionism and perma-war have never been closer to an actual war than a two-day public relations tour of the troops. From Hunter DeRensis at

Two weeks ago the Virginia State Senate switched hands from the Republicans to the Democrats, another step in the state’s leftward turn. One of the Democratic pick ups was in the 13th district, where incumbent State Senator Dick Black is retiring from public service. Black is a Vietnam veteran and former colonel in the US army, a former delegate in the Virginia House, and he has served in the state senate since 2012.

Senator Black, who has been a vocal opponent of the United States’ overseas wars, spoke to for an exclusive interview covering his military career, candid rejection of the Washington foreign policy consensus, and his activism against regime change in Syria.

Military Service…

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