ACLU and Orwell: Gun Control Laws Enhance Liberty and Freedom – The Truth About Guns

Folks we are in a civil war … history will report as such
The American Civil Liberties Union is now claiming that Americans are promoting government repression by exercising their gun rights.


Hero of the week: Texas county Sheriff and deputy arrested on numerous felony charges

Deborah Lee Jarrett

 James Sigman

“The sheriff of Texas County and a deputy have been arrested on felony charges, the Missouri State Highway Patrol reported Wednesday evening.

Sheriff James Sigman, 48, and Lt. Jennifer H. Tomaszewki, 38, were arrested by troopers on suspicion of first-degree assault, first-degree robbery, first-degree endangering the welfare of a child, second-degree endangering the welfare of a child, unlawful use of a weapon and harassment. They also face misdemeanor counts misuse of official information by a public servant and misdemeanor false impersonation.

Sigman is incarcerated in the Greene County Jail in Springfield. Tomaszewski, is being held at the Shannon County Jail.

The arrests come after an investigation into the Texas County Sheriff’s Department was announced in April and a search warrant was executed in May.”

The rest here:

Go on, go on; Keep telling yourself that it is just a few bad apples

That’s easier than facing the truth about…

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Yes, Old Things Pass Away


If any man be in Christ… old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. (2 Corinthians 5:17)

The New Testament is, among others things, a record of the struggle of twice-born men and women to live in a world run by the once-born! That should indicate that we are not being as helpful as we ought to be when we fail to instruct the new Christian, that one who is “a babe in Christ,” that our Lord told his earliest disciples, “In this world you will have tribulation.”

The Apostle Paul knew what he was talking about when he told Christian believers, “All that will live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution.”

Take the example of a person recently converted to Christ. His inner witness is clear and up to the light he has, he is beginning to live as he believes a Christian should. But…

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VIDEO Conditions of Discipleship – Are You A True Disciple of Jesus Christ?


The Conditions of Discipleship

If the closest relationships of a disciple’s life conflict with the claims of Jesus Christ, then our Lord requires instant obedience to Himself. Discipleship means personal, passionate devotion to a Person— our Lord Jesus Christ. There is a vast difference between devotion to a person and devotion to principles or to a cause. Our Lord never proclaimed a cause— He proclaimed personal devotion to Himself. To be a disciple is to be a devoted bondservant motivated by love for the Lord Jesus. Many of us who call ourselves Christians are not truly devoted…

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Hungary joins US, gets out of UN Migration compact

Refugee Resettlement Watch

No mention in UN compact of  “fundamental human rights of people who want nothing else than to be able to live in peace and security in their own homelands.”

(Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Peter Szijjarto)

Good for Hungary! Let’s hope other countries join them and the USin bailing out of the pact, whose work began at that Obama-led UN pow-wow in the fall of 2016.

From theNew York Times:

Hungary Pulls Out of U.N. Global Migration Agreement

Hungary pulled out of a United Nations global agreement on migration on Wednesday, citing security concerns, just days after the accord was reached.

Trump and Orban Come on Donald, what are you waiting for, invite Prime Minister Orban to Washington!

Peter Szijjarto, Hungary’s minister of foreign affairs and trade, announced the withdrawal at a news conference in Budapest, Hungary’s capital, saying the agreement was “in conflict with common sense and also with…

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Arizona: Muslim man threatens to kill TSA agent… because she’s female

Creeping Sharia

An actual Muslim ban would be helpful. Source: PD: Man threatens to kill TSA agent, because she’s female – ABC15 Arizona

PHOENIX – A man was arrested at Sky Harbor International Airport for threatening to kill a female TSA agent because she is a woman.

Phoenix police report that on June 25 they responded to an unruly passenger at checkpoint B at Terminal 4 at Sky Harbor International Airport.

When officers arrived they found 29-year-old Mohamed Hussein, who was accused of threatening to kill a female TSA agent because she is female.

Police say Hussein continued to argue and threaten officers saying, “he didn’t have to listen to police officers, especially female officers.”

As police tried to get Hussein to sit in a chair, he reportedly resisted by grabbing a female officer by the neck.

He was then placed into custody.

Hussein has been charged with aggravated assault, resisting…

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