Lancaster, PA: Church World Service and new mayor want the city to continue as “refugee capital of the USA”

Refugee Resettlement Watch

cws logoSo, federal refugee contractor Church World Service is beefing up its political activist activities with new hires and holding events like this one on Sunday in the heart of Amish country. (And they are not just protesting for more refugees, they want open borders for all!).

From Lancaster Online:

Lancaster advocates, leaders criticize immigration policies during ‘March for Humanity’

Decrying the strict immigration policies that have made the U.S. border harder to cross in both legal and illegal ways, Lancaster’s preeminent refugee resettlement organization led a call for action on Sunday.

“We have to stand up, be loud and lift our voices in solidarity with all of our neighbors regardless of where they’re from,” Stephanie Gromek, a spokeswoman for Lancaster’s Church World Service office, told a crowd of more than 100 in Penn Square.

CWS fuck Marching for humanity?

In a “March for Humanity” event, CWS and civic leaders criticized several…

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“Infringement”: Do You Really Know What it Means?

The Tactical Hermit

In a recent article in Freedom Outpost entitled France, The Nazi’s and Gun Control, the author lays out in precise historical detail how the French Government, in particular, Prime Minister Pierre Laval in 1935, four years before the Nazi invasion of France, put into motion some of the most restrictive and anti-democratic gun law measures ever seen in Europe.

“The author asserts that Laval’s 1935 gun control efforts left the French people vulnerable to the Nazi invaders and ill-equipped to deal with the Nazi invasion of 1940, plus simplified the Nazi efforts to confiscate firearms and impede a French resistance.”

So, in essence, the historical lesson to be drawn from this is DO NOT let your Nation’s gun laws be weakened by spineless politicians because it inevitable that evil men will soon come along and take advantage of an unarmed populace.

Except sadly, in America’s case, this “damage” to…

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At The Throne of His Grace


Romans 10:4-13

On a popular television show, the final contestant has an opportunity to win the grand prize, which is hidden behind one of three doors. The contestant, pulled from the audience, calls out the door number and discovers whether he or she has won the prize. Many leave disappointed.

Our God doesn’t work that way. He doesn’t hide the gift of salvation behind one of many doors and make us guess where to find it. He clearly tells us which door to open and gives us the faith to open it, promising that all who believe in Christ will not be disappointed (Rom. 10:11).

What a wonderful God we have! Our past sins don’t keep us from receiving His grace, because all that matters is believing in Jesus Christ to save us. Then the door of grace opens, bringing the free gift of forgiveness, salvation, and new life. Hymn…

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The Gift of Time


A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed. Proverbs 11:25

I headed into the post office in a big hurry. I had a number of things on my to-do list, but as I entered I was frustrated to find a long line backing up all the way to the door. “Hurry up and wait,” I muttered, glancing at my watch.

My hand was still on the door when an elderly stranger approached me. “I can’t get this copier to work,” he said, pointing to the machine behind us. “It took my money and I don’t know what to do.” Immediately I knew what God wanted me to do. I stepped out of line and was able to fix the problem in ten minutes.

The man thanked me and then left. As I turned to get back in line, it was gone. I walked straight to the…

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Hungary Leading the Way in Europe and the World

The Tactical Hermit

Hungary’s populist government abolishes gender studies courses

We need to take a page from Hungary’s playbook and get practical with these Universities that take Federal and State tax dollars to teach our kids liberal GODLESS garbage that has no use in the modern workplace.

For those that have not watched it, consider Jordan Peterson’s warning on Dangerous People Teaching our Kids…

Hungary: Paradise for liberals

A great, eye opening article for folks who get their news about Hungary from such liberal, fake news rags as the New York Times. The TRUTH about what Hungary is doing and where it is going is eye opening!

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!

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I LOVE YOU THE LORD GOD and more Blessings!!

Kristi Ann's Haven


I LOVE You LORD,and I Lift my Voice To worship You, O my Soul, Rejoice!! Take Joy my KING, in what You Hear; May be a Sweet, Sweet sound in Your Ear!!

Christ-Messiah Jesus-Yeshua LOVES ❤ YOU ALL EVERYONE!!

Maranatha Singers – I LOVE ❤ You LORD with lyrics!!

I Corinthians 13:13 KJV ) “And now Abideth FAITH, HOPE, CHARITY ( LOVE ), these Three; but the Greatest of These is CHARITY ( LOVE ).”!!

Romans 8:28 KJV ) “And we know that all things work together for Good to them that 💕LOVE GOD,💕to them who are the Called According to HIS Purpose.”!!

Mark 12:30-31 KJV ) “And thou shalt Love the LORD thy GOD with all thy Heart, and with all thy Soul, and with all thy Mind, and with all thy Strength: this is the First Commandment. And the Second is like…

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