Police: Baltimore Det. Suiter was shot with own gun, set to testify in corruption case | WBFF


Det. Sean Suiter was shot with his own gun and was supposed to provide testimony in a federal police racketeering case the day after he was killed in west Baltimore, said Baltimore Police Department Commissioner Kevin Davis in a press conference Wednesday.



November 22,1963 The End Of Camelot

My mother taught me a love of history through this event

Give Me Liberty

If you are old enough, you can recall this terrible day.

You can recall where you were, and what you were doing when you heard the news.
Like the greatest generation and Pearl Harbor, the memory is vivid in our minds.
I was nine years old at the time. I recall the teacher turning on the television to warm up. ( Yes, TVs then had tubes so they needed to warm up.)
Instead of our usual science program, there was a newscaster saying President Kennedy had been shot in Dallas, Texas. We were stunned and started to cry.
Then the announcement came that we were going home early.
The bus ride home was quiet except for our sobs.

When I got home my mother had the television on and we heard that President Kennedy had died. That added to the sorrow of that horrible day.

My younger brother…

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Reporter Thinks Shotgun Is AR-15, Humiliates Herself on Air

Give Me Liberty

H/T Conservative Tribune.

These comments by this reporterette just proves how ignorant of firearms the drive by media really is.

It is a well known and indisputable fact that the bulk of the mainstream media are opposed to the Second Amendment and firearms in general.

Whether this is because they are predisposed to oppose guns by being predominantly left-wing liberals, or are simply just ignorant of firearms in general, is somewhat beside the point — as most media figures don’t know or understand guns at all.

Case in point is a short snippet of video from an NBC4 Columbus news report on the debate over gun laws in Ohio, in which the reporter made an incredibly glaring mistake that highlights the media’s bias, ignorance, or stupidity — or all of the above, according to Bearing Arms.

The reporter stated, “Take a look at this video used to shoot a…

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Strengthen Yourself in the Lord


1 Samuel 30:1-8

After an exhausting three-day journey, David and his men finally arrived home to find a scene of devastation. Their homes were burned to the ground, and their families were missing. Utter despair engulfed them. David’s distress soon increased when his men’s grief turned into bitter anger and they spoke of stoning him.

Most of us won’t experience this extreme a situation, but we can identify with David’s discouragement. Sometimes despair follows a personal tragedy or loss, but it can also result from the weariness of ongoing daily pressures. Family problems, financial difficulties, and health issues may make discouragement a constant companion. The same can happen with emotional struggles over feelings of unworthiness, failure to overcome an addictive habit, the pain of criticism, or fear of inadequacy.

Despair can afflict anyone unexpectedly, but the Lord doesn’t want us to linger in a fog of depression. We often can’t…

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Prepare and Compete Like an Athlete


2 Timothy 2:5

After telling Timothy to endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ, Paul then switches to a new illustration so he can make another important point. The purpose of the discussion is still the same: Paul is explaining to Timothy how he should face the difficulties that lie before him at the moment. With that purpose in mind, Paul says, “And if a man also strive for masteries, yet is he not crowned, except he strive lawfully.”

The word “strive” is from the Greek word athlesis, which always described a man involved in a tremendous athletic competition. This kind of athlete was serious about his sport and totally committed to the goal of climbing to the top in his profession. He was willing to undergo any hardship, any training, any regimen, and any kind of discipline in order to reach that goal of becoming the…

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