5 Things Made Better In Your Grandparents’ Time You Can Find In Thrift Stores

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How to Provide

Written by: Steve Coffman

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Dads: Do You Want A Simple Outline On Raising Your Kids?


Ephesians 6:4 lays out four basic principles:

1. “Fathers, do not PROVOKE your children to anger.”

Literally: “Dont exasperate them

“Don’t overcorrect them”

“Don’t be harsh with them.”

How easy it is when we return home from work to bark at the kids… Let ’em know who is boss!

2. “Fathers… BRING THEM UP… ”

Literally: “Cherish them

“Treat them with tenderness”

“Esteem and appreciate them”

When was the last time you took your kids off “trial,” gently embracing one of them and saying, “You are precious to meI love you… ” .

3. “Fathers… bring them up in the DISCIPLINE… of the Lord.”

Literally: “Training” — Visualize the training necessary in turning a floppy puppy into a prize-winning show dog.

“Correcting” — Visualize the painful resetting of a poorly healed broken arm: Excruciating initially, but promising long range usability.

4. “Fathers… bring them up in the……

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“He that believeth on Me hat everlasting life.”


Exodus 16:32-35

Exodus 16:32

The education of future generations should be the earnest care of the people of God, since the Lord himself so constantly ordained means for perpetuating the memory of his deeds of grace. The Lord knows that the race is apt to forget even his greatest wonders, and therefore he puts them in remembrance.

Exodus 16:33, 34

Even thus should we treasure the memory of the Lord’s great goodness to us. In the ark of our memory, the golden pot should be kept in store.

Exodus 16:35

The storehouses of Jehovah are never exhausted. All the while the Lord’s people are in the wilderness, whether it be forty years or eighty years, their bread shall be given them, their waters shall be sure. Trust ye in the Lord for ever.

John 6:47-58

The manna was a very full and instructive type of our Lord Jesus, who is…

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‘Religious Left’ on the rise in response to President Trump’s people and policies

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Are they organizing in your name?

This is a Reuters story highlighting the phrase ‘Religious Left’ something we have been talking about on these pages for years.  Entitled of course to their political views, what has grated on me for so long is the FACT that many of the organizations working on the ‘Religious Left’ receive large pots of federal grant money that is not sufficiently accounted for.

The ‘Religious Right’ has not tapped in to the US Treasury as the Left has done!

Also, I believe churchgoers (Catholics and Protestants) should know what is being done in their names.

Here are some snips from the story featured at Drudge yesterday:

(Reuters) – Since President Donald Trump’s election, monthly lectures on social justice at the 600-seat Gothic chapel of New York’s Union Theological Seminary have been filled to capacity with crowds three times what they usually draw.

Rev. Serene Jones…

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