Arkansas Historical Museum and Knives


Enjoyed this short video showing some ABS ((American Bladesmith Society) Knives as well as many historical knives. Allan Newberry a Journeyman Smith with the American Bladesmith Society and a Forged in Fire Champion takes us through the Knife Exhibit in the Museum. Knives by Bill Moran and James Black are shown.

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Merkel Finally Acknowledges German “No-Go” Zones, Vows To Eliminate, by Tyler Durden


It took her awhile, but Angela Merkel finally realized that when regular Germans can’t enter significant swaths of Germany because of immigrant violence and crime, you have an immigrant problem. From Tyler Durden at

Following approval from Germany’s conservatives to cooperate with the Social Democrats (SPD) on several political impasses, German Chancellor Angela Merkel sat down with Germany’s RTL Aktuell where she discussed a number of policy positions – including an acknowledgement of Germany’s growing “no-go” zones, and the need to do something about them.

Amid a spike in crime attributed to refugees, German officials been slowly acknowledging the negative impact of the flood of migrants taken in after the destabilization of Libya and similar regions – even going so far as to offer thousands of Euros to rejected asylum seekers.

The scheme, which the government has dubbed “Your country. Your future. Now!” will run until February

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A letter to the boys & young men of America. By J. Ishiro Finney


Most men my generation don’t apologize for their manhood; we’re proud of it. Such is not the case with younger generations of males; their masculinity is being demonized and if some of the more radical vipers out there had their way, it would be criminalized. Here’s a welcome rebuttal that tells boys and young men: don’t castrate yourselves, stand tall. From J. Ishiro Finney at

The bodies aren’t even cold yet and already you are being blamed.

Yes you.

All of you.

The boys and young men who will grow up to become one half of America’s future.
Once again, due to society’s failure to raise you, to teach you, to properly guide you on your path to manhood, your mere existence is being held responsible for seventeen more deaths—this time in Florida, and once again, at a school. The headlines of the last few days say it all:

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10 seconds


“My body has become purpose

My mind numbed

Waiting is now a memory

Fear has forgotten to land on me

And grasp my flesh with it’s piercing talons

I move through liquid

Everything slowed but my body

In one moment I will go through that door

10 seconds from death

I feel a sense of exhilaration”

I almost made a bunch of fucking widows that night

POS pack dog pussies

Broward county just proves my point

Fucking cowards

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Pack dog pussies


There are reports now that up to 4 deputies were on stand down while a school full of children were slaughtered. The pussies in blue were too afraid to confront the shooter without SWAT for a back up. Now 73 Lawmakers are calling for the Sheriff  to resign.

Fucking scumbag coward POS sat back while some scumbag, degenerate with an AR blasted a school full of children. Some how you and I and other responsible gun owners are to blame for this debacle and will have to pay the price with the loss of more rights.

I will tell you right now where I will be when the shooting starts

I sure the fuck won’t be cowering hoping for back up like a pussy piece of shit

God, these fucking pussies in blue make my head explode

Happy fucking Monday

“The letter further detailed Israel’s handling of the Nikolas Cruz…

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