American Minute – Mothers Day

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From William J Federer’s American Minute ~

Mothers’ Day was held in Boston in 1872 at the suggestion of Julia Ward Howe, writer of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.”

But it was Anna Jarvis, daughter of a Methodist minister in Grafton, West Virginia, who made it a national event. During the Civil War, Anna Jarvis’ mother organized Mothers’ Day Work Clubs to care for wounded soldiers, both Union and Confederate. She raised money for medicine, inspected bottled milk, improved sanitation and hired women to care for families where mothers suffered from tuberculosis. In her mother’s honor, Anna Jarvis persuaded her church to set aside the 2nd Sunday in May, the anniversary of her mother’s death, as a day to appreciate all mothers.

Encouraged by the reception, Anna Jarvis organized it in Philadelphia, then began a letter-writing campaign to ministers, businessmen and politicians to establish a national Mothers’ Day. In…

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Happy Mothers Day 2021

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From all the in house writers here at PA PUNDITS INTERNATIONAL, we would like to extend our wishes for a wonderful Mother’s Day to all our readers who are Mothers.

In these difficult days of the continuing Worldwide pandemic, we need the calming peace that Mothers have for their children more than ever.

The Rose shown here is the renowned Peace Rose, first grown in 1945 to signify the hopes for peace after that awful conflict. The rose shown here is the original, which was grown as a white rose. It is the largest selling rose of all time, and has also had numerous different  varieties that have come up since, with different colours adding slightly to the main white colour, mainly in pinks and other delicate pink colours that appear around the edges of the flower.

This Peace Rose perfectly symbolises the peaceful and calming influence that Mothers…

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Your Daley Gator CCW News Update For Saturday (05/08/21)

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The largest gasoline pipeline on the East Coast, and the U.S. in general, was shut down on Friday after its operator struggled to contain a cyberattack which threatened its systems.

The 5,500-mile Colonial Pipeline, which is the single largest refined-products pipeline in the United States, halted transit as the company was forced to take “certain…



More people reside in California than any other state, but data released on Friday indicates more folks left in 2020 to live in other places than moved there, resulting in the population shrinking for the first time in the Golden State’s recorded history.

The Associated Press reported, “California’s population fell by more than 182,000 last year, the first yearly loss ever recorded for…

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The Dynamics of Discipleship


Luke 14:26-27

In examining the New Testament standard for discipleship, it would appear that Jesus had many believers and followers, but few disciples. Luke 14:25-33 records three principles of discipleship given by Jesus.

First, there can be no rival in the life of the disciple: “If anyone comes to Me, and does not hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brothers and sister—yes, even his own life—he cannot be My disciple” (Luke 14:26). Such a statement sounds strange especially to those of us who come from close families. But what Jesus is stating is that our love for Him must be supreme and all other loves secondary. We have a divine paradox here, for when we love Christ to this degree, we love father, mother, wife and children even more.

We must recognize that Jesus holds one of three places in the life of every believer. He…

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