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Ontario Rat II


What knife just can’t seem to leave my pocket over the last almost two months?

Certainly that title gave you a big clue. The knife just worked for me. This is a knife that consistently stayed sharp, was always ready, and opened with a flick of a thumb on a perfectly placed thumb stud.

Much has been recorded on YouTube, written about, talked about, regarding this knife but the fact of the matter is this is one of the most successful knives ever launched by Ontario.

Bottom line if you are looking for an inexpensive EDC I strongly recommend this knife. For $10 bucks more get the D2 steel and you’ll be glad you did!

Now I offer a terrific and only slightly profane YouTube Video describing the knife and alluding to the New World Order business. Just too funny and fits my sense of humor. Many thanks Advanced Knife…

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Myth vs. Fact: DHS Zero-Tolerance Policy


Release Date:
June 18, 2018

In recent days, we have seen reporters, Members of Congress, and other groups mislead the public on the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) zero-tolerance policy.

Federal law enforcement officers have sworn duties to enforce the laws that Congress passes.  Repeating intentionally untrue and unsubstantiated statements about DHS agents, officers, and procedures is irresponsible and deeply disrespectful to the men and women who risk their lives every day to secure our border and enforce our laws.


DHS has a policy to separate families at the border.


DHS does not have a blanket policy of separating families at the border.   However, DHS does have a responsibility to protect all minors in our custody.  This means DHS will separate adults and minors under certain circumstances.  These circumstances include: 1) when DHS is unable to determine the familial relationship, 2) when DHS determines that a child…

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6/20/2018 heroes of the week : Cops arrested for rape

Deborah Lee Jarrett

Detention Officer Allegedly Sexually Assaulted 4-Year-Old Girl …

Daily BeastJun 18, 2018
Detention Officer Allegedly Sexually Assaulted 4-Year-Old Girl, … Jose Nunez, 47, was arrested Sunday by Bexar County police and … In Houston, reports of rape from Latinos dropped over 40 percent from 2016 to 2017.
Story image for officer arrested rape from Cal Coast News

Paso Robles police officer accused of on-duty rape

Cal Coast News17 hours ago
While the other officers left following the arrest of the victim’s boyfriend, McGuire stayed behind. McGuire is accused of pulling the victim on his …
Story image for officer arrested rape from CBS42.com

Birmingham police lieutenant accused of rape now in custody

CBS42.comJun 18, 2018
(WIAT) — A Birmingham Police officer has been placed on administrative leave and a warrant has been issued for rape in the 1st degree …
Story image for officer arrested rape from fox5sandiego.com

Local woman accuses Las Vegas cop of rape

fox5sandiego.comJun 18, 2018
Local woman accuses Las Vegas cop of rape. Posted 11:22…

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UN chief calls for small arms control


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“UNITED NATIONS, June 18 (Xinhua) — UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Monday asked for more efforts to address the thorny issue of regulating and controlling small arms.

“Regulating small arms is a unique challenge. It is not simply a question of addressing government stockpiles. Out of some 900 million small arms in the world, three-quarters are in civilian hands — the majority unlicensed,” Guterres said in a message to a review conference on illicit small arms and light weapons.

Controlling and regulating small arms therefore requires action that goes well beyond national security institutions, he said in the message read by his Chef de Cabinet Maria Viotti. It includes providing alternative livelihoods for former combatants, engaging with municipal governments and police, working with civil society, including grassroots organizations and community violence reduction programs, as well as local businesses.

Solutions must be integrated and holistic. Short-term, compartmentalized projects will not keep…

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Democrat Admits Child Migrant Crisis “Was Kept Very Quiet Under Obama”, by Tyler Durden


There has been many stories in the news and blogosphere lately about the horrors of illegal alien children being separated from their illegal alien parents. SLL has posted a few of them. What’s seldom mentioned is that the same thing happened to the same extent during the Obama administration. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

Having lost control of the ‘Russia collusion’ narrative (still evidence-less after 18 months and increasingly exposed for bias), and unable to gain any traction with their attacks on the Trump-Kim summit (hard to make a case that more nuclear armaggeddon threats are better than less), the deep state (hand in mouth with the left and the media) are currently attempting to spin Trump’s enforcement of Obama policies as an indication that he is a baby-stealing racist.

You’ve seen the sad, dramatic, emotive images…

There’s just one problem – it’s all a lie…

Source: The Burning Platform

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