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Heroes in blue: Compilation of cops arrested 9/22/2017


San Francisco Police Officer Arrested On Misdemeanor Charges CBS San Francisco Bay Area–10 hours ago SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A San Francisco police officer was arrested Thursday and charged with using false vehicle registration stickers … SFPD Officer arrested, charged with filing false police report Mission Local–9 hours ago View all Lawyer: Utah […]

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Police use of ‘StingRay’ cellphone tracker requires search warrant, appeals court rules


“A device that tricks cellphones into sending it their location information and has been used quietly by police and federal agents for years, requires a search warrant before it is turned on, an appeals court in Washington ruled Thursday. It is the fourth such ruling by either a state appeals court or federal district court, and may end up deciding the issue unless the government takes the case to the U.S. Supreme Court or persuades the city’s highest court to reverse the ruling.

The case against Prince Jones in 2013 involved D.C. police use of a “StingRay” cell-site simulator, which enables law enforcement to pinpoint the location of a cellphone more precisely than a phone company can when triangulating a signal between cell towers or using a phone’s GPS function. Civil liberties advocates say the StingRay, by providing someone’s location to police without court approval, is a violation of an individual’s Fourth…

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Team USA Wins 11 World Titles at ITU Age Group Sprint and Standard Triathlon World Championships

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By USA Triathlon | Sept. 17, 2017, 2:53 p.m. (ET)

ROTTERDAM, Netherlands — U.S. athletes raced to 11 world titles and 33 medals overall at the ITU Age Group Standard and Sprint Triathlon World Championships on Sunday in Rotterdam, with the sun welcoming finishers after several rain-filled days in the city.

The Standard World Championships featured a 1,500-meter swim, 40-kilometer bike and non-drafting 10-kilometer run. U.S. athletes had a successful showing, as six world champions were crowned: Jacqueline Godbe (F25-29, Chicago, Ill.), Adrienne Leblanc (F45-49, Scottsdale, Ariz.), Lee Walther (M55-59, Oklahoma City, Okla.), Elizabeth Brackett (F75-79, Chicago, Ill.), Jon Adamson (Alpharetta, Ga., M80-84) and Bill Ziering (M85-89, Carmel, Calif.).

“I didn’t expect to win it, I just wanted to finish today. But I felt great,” said Leblanc. “It was well done, very well marked. The bike was complicated, but they had a lot of officials out there and they did…

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