Bad socialist Grandpa:Bernie Sanders Accused Of Using Government To Target Company That Ran Political Ad Against Him


“The office of Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders is being accused of wielding its political power in order to seek retribution against a Vermont business owner who ran an ad attacking Sanders over his hypocrisy.

Rodolphe “Skip” Vallee, the CEO of St. Albans-based gasoline distributor and retailer R.L. Vallee, is alleging that Sanders and his senior press adviser, Daniel McLean, conspired against the business owner by drumming up a class-action lawsuit, according to federal court documents.

Vallee, who owns more than 45 gas stations in and around Vermont, produced an anti-Sanders television advertisement that aired locally in September 2014. The advertisement criticized Sanders for lambasting “the rich” over receiving tax breaks and golden parachutes, while his wife Jane Sanders received a $200,000 golden parachute after her involvement in a land deal helped to bankrupt Burlington College while she was president.

The Vermont senator’s office called the ad “pathetic” and referred…

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He Did Speak in Parables


“And he spake many things unto them in parables, saying, Behold, a sower went forth to sow.” (Matthew 13:3)

The Lord Jesus Christ, of course, often taught His disciples through parables, and this verse both contains the first reference to parables in the New Testament and also introduces the first and most important of all His parables—the parable of the sower. Jesus Himself indicated that an understanding of this parable was a prerequisite to an understanding of all His other parables: “Know ye not this parable? and how then will you know all parables?” (Mark 4:13).

Many people have the mistaken idea that Jesus spoke in parables in order to help unbelievers better understand spiritual truth, but Christ told His disciples, “It is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given” (Matthew 13:11). The parables were given for the…

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God’s Way to Give


2 Corinthians 9:6-8

Our heavenly Father knows what our income is and how He would like us to spend it. He also desires that we demonstrate certain heart attitudes in our giving. These include faith, compassion, and generosity.

It takes faith to give before our own needs are met. In yesterday’s reading, the Macedonians were experiencing deep poverty, but they still longed to give. Their behavior revealed a deep trust in the Lord’s provision.

Compassion, or caring about others, is also vital. The Philippian church saw Paul’s situation and longed to help (Phil. 4:16). The Lord is pleased when we love one another and share what we have.

The Macedonian believers were generous as well. Though in great need themselves, they begged for the privilege of contributing to the collection for the Jerusalem church.

Consider how greatly we have benefited from the generosity of our heavenly Father. He provided His…

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VIDEO 23 Minutes in Hell


Hell is not a topic we write about often. In general, Christians don’t talk about it. But, Pastor Bill Wiese’s experience, “23 Minutes in Hell” reminds us of some things that we need to consider about hell.

23 Minutes in Hell Pastor Bill Wiese

Pastor Bill Wiese had an out of body experience, or what can be called a vision, of hell on November 23rd 1998. Recently I stumbled across a YouTube video of Pastor Bill sharing that vision with a church in Florida based on his book, “23 Minutes in Hell.” I had never heard of Bill until I came across this video a week ago so I came into it with quite a bit of skepticism. However, after listening to Bill I appreciated his approach especially when he said early on;

“It doesn’t matter if you believe my experience. What matters is that you check out what God has to say about hell and…

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VIDEO Mirrors and Hearers – Redemption Out of the Dust


Mirrors and Hearers

Whoever looks intently into the perfect law that gives freedom, and continues in it . . . will be blessed in what they do. James 1:25

When I emerged from my hotel in Kampala, Uganda, my hostess, who had come to pick me up for our seminar, looked at me with an amused grin. “What’s so funny?” I inquired. She laughed and asked, “Did you comb your hair?” It was my turn to laugh, for I had indeed forgotten to comb my hair. I’d looked at my reflection in the hotel mirror. How come I took no notice of what I saw?

In a practical analogy, James gives us a useful dimension to make our study of Scripture more beneficial. We look in the mirror to examine ourselves to see if anything needs correction—hair combed, face washed, shirt properly buttoned. Like a mirror, the Bible helps us to examine our…

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Smithsonian Trashes Southern Heritage


by Al Benson Jr.
Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Many have naively thought for decades that the Smithsonian was a place where you could learn real history about events in this country and the rest of the world as well. A recent article in the Smithsonian Magazine for December of 2018 has given the lie to such foolishness.

The article can be viewed at If you want something to really upset your supper, this is it! It was written by Brian Palmer and Seth Freed Wessler, both of which writers have impeccable reputations with all the liberal journals in the country, the Washington Post, New York Times, Mother Jones, The Nation and others.

This article makes no pretense at objectivity. It is a thoroughgoing hit piece with Southern heritage, culture and history squarely in the crosshairs.
Their whole approach to the history of the South and…

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