Effectively Dealing with Muslims and Islam

Should I carry one in my vehicle?

“In the United States because of our brain dead politicians on the left, women wearing hijabs can’t be inspected, perhaps the Muslim woman in the video above who was smacked by the police will be sentenced to death.

Muslims are kinda funny that way.

Or, in the words of Hillary “The Butcher of Benghazi,” “What difference does it make?”

This is great, not only have the Israeli’s provided us with a solid strategic  partner in the Middle East, they bring us their fighting system Krav Maga and now a unique way of handling protestors. &…

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10 of the Most Insane Military Disguises That Worked

IMO the number one deception is #hussein
Below is #3 – US led military fooled by Serbian forces

“US Military Fooled By Wooden Logs And Haystacks3-us-jet-kosovo
After the breakup of Yugoslavia and the coming to power of Slobodan Milosevic in Serbia, the Balkans descended into an orgy of violence and ethnic cleansing. The state of Kosovo was particularly badly affected, and Bosnian Serbs strove to remove Kosovar Albanians from the province even if the cost was US-led NATO airstrikes on Serbian forces.Things got even bloodier when the ethnic Albanians began to fight back, forming the Kosovo Liberation Army. NATO started large-scale air strikes in 1999. During that year, NATO claimed that they destroyed hundreds of tanks and killed thousands of Serbian soldiers. But they were mistaken.The Serbian army had used primitive decoys to fool NATO aircraft. They made fake bridges out of plastic sheeting, artillery guns out of logs, and fake antiaircraft missile launchers out of milk cartons.Amazingly, these ridiculous disguises actually worked. The Serbian army was mostly intact and withdrew in good order with nearly all of its equipment after the 1999 cease-fire was declared.”
Modern militaries use relatively standard camouflage patterns and netting to try to hide themselves from prying forces, but not all camouflage and disguise is so boring. Some military disguises tha…

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GRAPHIC: The Horrors Of Muslim Halal Slaughterhouse Caught On Tape

There can not be enough of a warning

Flurry of Thoughts

**WARNING: Contains graphic content.** Although you may have heard of Halal food typically eaten by Muslims as ordered by the Quran, many don’t know the ho

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Not the first time I’ve heard of this.

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Morning Laugh: 15 Historical Theories On How To Be Lucky

“There were two major racecar accidents in 1937, neither of which involved peanuts. Yet a NASCAR superstition claims that peanut shells were found in both wrecks, and that the mere presence of peanuts in the shell is enough to doom a driver to crash.”

The Tactical Hermit

OK, Get Ready to Laugh. #2 Kills me..can you imagine going to the hospital to see a new friend’s baby and saying something like “Your baby looks like a dog fart”…and #3 is for real:  I actually have a relative who does carry’s a raccoons penis bone with him when he goes hunting. -SF


Superstition is a fascinating thing. It tends to arise in times of turmoil or uncertainty, and it gives us a way to feel like we’re in control of a situation. But it can also be a great window into the way people think. Here are 15 surprising historical good-luck theories from around the world.


If you want to guarantee yourself a good year, you’ll need to do as Colombian people do and put on a pair of yellow underpants, inside out, on December 31. At midnight, reverse your undies…

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