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Seeing Red AZ

Today we recommend you cultivate the habit of checking in with NumbersUSA. The site is chock-full of valuable information in a well-catalogued style featuring eight pull-down tabs at the top of the home page, which address the myriad questions surrounding “immigration reform” —-  more correctly known as amnesty.

The site has a state-by-state congressional immigration report card, a bill tracker complete with updates and provides free faxing while protecting your privacy. This week there is an op-ed by Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala), which appeared in The Hill. His main focus is the detrimental effects the Gang of Eight’s immigration bill, S.744, would have on the labor force by creating dramatic increases in legal immigration levels.

We recommend you read the shocking facts contained in Corporate Layoffs Precede Call for More Foreign Workers, Amnesty. At the top of the page, there is a sign-in to receive NumbersUSA email…

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Yet another takes notice of AZ GOP rift with McCain

Seeing Red AZ

Since we’ve been following the rash of national sites — Drudge Report and Breitbart News, among them — we add yet another to those who have noticed the widening of the chasm between Arizona’s grassroots Republicans and Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake.

McCain’s capitulation to, and colluding with, the most liberal of Democrats has finally given rise to legislative district voices raised in opposition. Throughout his years in the House of Representative, Jeff Flake has done the same, championing amnesty and additional benefits for illegal aliens and their families by co-sponsoring the STRIVE Act and closely aligning with Democrat Illinois U.S.  Rep. Luis Gutierrez, who is noted for declaring his “only” loyalty is to the “immigrant community.”

The latest to take notice is BizPac Review, in this post “Arizona GOP group tells McCain knock it off, act like a Republican,” by Michael Dorstewitz.

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September 11, 2001: We will not forget

Seeing Red AZ

We also need to get smarter and drop the politically correct descriptions

Twin towers

Twelve years ago today, 2,973 people were murdered by terrorists who commandeered two commercial airliners and flew them into the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York City and  a third into the Pentagon. The death toll includes 40 passengers and crew members aboard the fourth hijacked plane, United 93, which crashed in a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, as courageous passengers rushed the cockpit.

 Along with our American citizens, people from 90 other countries were killed in the attacks perpetrated by those we have referred to each year as we post this memorial as “Islamo-fascist extremists.”

Today as we also remember the orchestrated attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi on this same date just last year  — resulting in the deaths of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Ty Woods, Sean Smith and Glen Doherty, we are changing our…

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McCain formally rebuked, condemned by AZ GOP LD 26

Seeing Red AZ

Censures continue as district declares McCain “Poster child for term limits”

Tuesday evening, the Republican elected Precinct Committeemen of Legislative District 26 passed a ‘Resolution To Rebuke & Condemn’ Sen. John McCain by a 24 to 13 vote. Four abstentions were recorded. “John McCain is the poster child for term limits, his back room dealings, insatiable war drum, and eroding base, call to question why this man is our Senator. It is my hope that Senators McCain and Flake work to reestablish their relationships with the boots on the ground members of Legislative District 26 Republicans,” Third Vice Chairman Matt Papke commented.

Resolution of Rebuke of United States Senator John McCain

WHEREAS,Senator John McCain unilaterally negotiated with the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to secure Republican votes necessary to pass a number of controversial Presidential nominees.

WHEREAS, President Obama nominated:

Gina McCarthy for head of the Environmental Protection…

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Invasion‘s magical lingo: “Migrants, undocumented, refugees, asylum seekers…”

Seeing Red AZ

….replacing the suddenly politically incorrect “illegal aliens”

Our normally dry Valley is awash, not just with a drenching downpour, but also with a flood of what the daily newspaper cunningly refers to as “migrants.” We know them as illegal aliens, and most often view them as invading the United States via Arizona’s southern border, from Mexico, South and Central America.

Sunday’s edition disabuses us of such notions. An oversized front page report, continuing for two additional jump pages, details the “hundreds, maybe even thousands, of undocumented migrants from India” smuggled yearly into Arizona seeking “asylum.” On average, they pay $35,000 apiece to gain access, using dubious claims of facing danger in their homeland. The numbers of such claimants is surging. Even the open-borders newspaper reports officials are suspicious of their pitiful tales — though the steady flood  of humanity continues.

Today’s edition provides more of the same. In this saga…

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