WSJ Asks “Who Paid For The ‘Trump Dossier’?” by Kimberley Strassel


The shoe is now on the other foot: the Democrats are being asked all sorts of uncomfortable questions, including questions about potential Russian links and collusion with their presidential campaign. From Kimberely Stossel at The Wall Street Journal via

Democrats don’t want you to find outand that ought to be a scandal of its own…

 It has been 10 days since Democrats received the glorious news that Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley would require Donald Trump Jr. and Paul Manafort to explain their meeting with Russian operators at Trump Tower last year. The left was salivating at the prospect of watching two Trump insiders being grilled about Russian “collusion” under the klieg lights.

Yet Democrats now have meekly and noiselessly retreated, agreeing to let both men speak to the committee in private. Why would they so suddenly be willing to let go of this moment of…

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