Powerball, Part One, by Robert Gore


Only the loons are still talking about impeaching Trump.

What makes Donald Trump tick? Why has he done the things he has done? Analytically, it’s advisable to set aside partisanship and other emotions when attempting to answer those questions. Thus, the following analysis is Machiavellian, in the sense that it is stripped of moral considerations, condemnation, or approbation. It is an attempt to ask the right questions and construct from the available data the most plausible hypotheses. Only time will tell if the emergent hypotheses are correct.

Machiavelli’s touchstone was power—getting and keeping it. Let’s hypothesize that Trump ran for president first and foremost because he wanted power. For 99.999 percent of politicians that’s true, so ostensibly that’s an unremarkable assertion, but especially among Trump’s supporters, power is usually not acknowledged as a motivation, much less the primary one. In his quest for power, he had several advantages: his opposition…

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Author: Lisa the Infidel

I am an #Infidel - born and bred North Carolina.

2 thoughts on “Powerball, Part One, by Robert Gore”

  1. OAN did a big 3 part series on the Seth Rich murder over the weekend. Quite an eye opener.
    Who arrives at the scene first? A student of Podesta. Coincidence?

    Seth was not dead yet when he arrived at hospital. The attending physician said Seth should not die because the shot in his back the doc had treated many times and the person lived.

    So this attending doctor is removed from the care of Seth Rich.

    Coincidence? Then arrives a flurry of people into his room and told hospital staff to stay out.

    The mayor, a woman who is very close to Hillary Clinton and supported her campaign, closes the case.

    There were many other things surrounding this murder that were associated with the Clinton/Podesta connection.

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