#WikiLeaks – #Podesta Emails #LGBTQ

Below is only part of the message I found it interesting.

From: *John West* <gardens@jwlandscapes.com> >> Date: Sunday, October 11, 2015 >> Subject: Feedback Letter >> To: John Podesta <john.podesta@gmail.com>

Our Chicago super-volunteer. He’s a pretty smart guy and some of the >> suggestions here on lower $ fundraising are worth considering. Very >> negative on LGBTQ hire. I reported on my last Chicago visit that there is >> also a lot of ethnic agitation there. Probably a place Biden will try to >> play so we should pay some attention.

I’d like to begin with my concerns on the LGBTQ hire that was recently >> announced. This is my personal opinion and feeling; though these >> feelings/concerns are shared by a number of activist friends, who are also >> supporters of Hillary. >> >> As you know, this summer was a big deal for marriage equality and the >> LGBTQ community; and it seemed like so much opportunity was lost when no >> director or team of LGBTQ outreach/coordinators were hired. We were left >> waiting and wondering until the end of September when the hiring of Mr. >> Lowell was announced. No doubt he is wonderful person and looks to have >> some solid work experience, but at the same time his hire is confusing and >> underwhelming. Where was Hillary on this hire? It feels and looks like she >> had no part in this hire and that is extremely upsetting!

This is a hire we would expect for a Senate or Governor’s race, not >> for an important & #Herstoric candidate like Secretary of State Clinton. >> Coming on the heels of the most important ruling for LGBTQ civil rights in >> the history of our country, while the LGBTQ community is splintering into >> progressive equality movements of race, immigration, transgender, women’s >> issues, and other forms of discrimination facing everyone else, except for >> the exclusive white and affluent gay male community that dominates the >> LGBTQ D.C based organizations. The optics of this hire are highly >> problematic within a rapidly changing political environment in the LGBTQ >> community.

St. Louis is the largest Bosnian American community in the U.S. >> –around 80,000. Angie Acree, HRC Super Volunteer and the Clinton Campaign >> volunteer rep in Missouri has asked the Midwest Fundraising Team to arrange >> for a side meeting between Hillary and the Bosnian American leadership in >> Missouri during her next fundraising trip. It is the belief of Ajla >> Delkic, the executive director of the Advisory Council for Bosnia and >> Herzegovina (based in D.C.) that it would take little attention by Hillary >> to light this community on fire. Mr. Vajrovic is the leader and is locally >> connected to the Democratic Party. But no one has ever met with them >> from the Democratic Party at a senior level. Barack Obama lost Missouri to >> McCain by 3,903 votes in 2008. These votes are to be SOUGHT aggressively. >>

At the recent Ethnic Council Meeting with Amy Dacey, CEO of the DNC >> here in Chicago, the talk among the ethnic leaders of Chicago area was the >> lack of outreach to their constituencies….People were highlighting the >> absence of aggressive outreach since Bill Clinton’s campaigns in 96 and >> Obama’s in 2007 – November 2nd – Hillary is in Chicago ALL day for >> fundraisers – would be nice if an Ethnic Round Table could be arranged >> (small one) with Maureen Pikarski who could help make that happen >> 1-312-718-9351 and if it could be filmed by various news outlets that >> cater to these constituencies – would be huge in audience reached and for >> mobilizing the ethnic communities to help in IOWA and in IOWA! >>


Source: WikiLeaks – The Podesta Emails

Deplorable #WikiLeaks

I love the above link! You can search the email in most keywords – I searched for DEPLORABLE and these five times came up in these emails.
I have included the content in the same order below
Bernie Sanders supports are referred to as deplorable but not Trumps
And both HRC and WJC are referred to as deplorable lol
Date Release Date From To
Subject: Correct The Record Wednesday October 22, 2014 Afternoon Roundup
2014-10-22 17:51 2016-10-10 burns.strider@americanbridge.org CTRFriendsFamily@americanbridge.org
Subject: H4A News Clips 6.25.15
2015-06-25 11:28 2016-10-07 aphillips@hillaryclinton.com aphillips@hillaryclinton.com
Subject: HRC Clips | 2.7.15
2015-02-07 15:11 2016-10-07 nmerrill@hrcoffice.com nmerrill@hrcoffice.com
Subject: H4A News Clips 6.4.15
2015-06-04 11:37 2016-10-07 aphillips@hillaryclinton.com aphillips@hillaryclinton.com
Subject: Correct The Record Tuesday August 12, 2014 Afternoon Roundup
2014-08-12 18:14 2016-10-07 burns.strider@americanbridge.org CTRFriendsFamily@americanbridge.org
Lewinsky’s decision to reemerge as a public figure, this time committed to alleviating the scourge of cyberbullying, is awkward. Still, it is inevitable, even without Lewinsky front and center, that Bill Clinton’s deplorable conduct in office will come up as a topic during his wife’s campaign, assuming she gets to the general election this time.
Forbes magazine says the combined net worth of the United States’ 536 billionaires is $2.566 trillion. Is it a grave problem that the 536 have 3 percent of the nation’s $84.9 trillion wealth? Is it deplorable that the Waltons became a family of billionaires by creating Wal-Mart, the nation’s largest private-sector employer? Do you regret that Apple products made Steve Jobs a billionaire? Are any of your however many phones iPhones?
Examiner that USAID only abandoned plans to revamp the hospital in Jacobabad – an impoverished, crime-ridden city 300 miles north of Karachi – after finding its conditions so deplorable that building an entirely new facility emerged as the more economic option. “The U.S. government made a commitment to renovate the hospital in Jacobabad in July 2010. However, after an assessment of the condition of the existing hospital, our engineers determined that it was in such poor condition that it would be more cost effective and practical to build a new hospital instead,” said the USAID official spoke to the Examiner on condition they would not be named.
In many ways, he placed the issue as central in the larger narratives of his campaign — a generational contrast with Clinton and his gubernatorial record. While he declined to challenge Clinton or Sanders directly — he never used their names — O’Malley alluded to politicians who failed to speak up and declined to buck the party, apparent references to Clinton. “When nobody else would speak up about the deplorable treatment of the Central American refugee kids coming to our country for sanctuary, I stood up and spoke very directly,” he said. While Clinton impressed – and genuinely surprised – immigration activists with her Nevada speech last month in which she called for a pathway to citizenship and for more robust executive action on immigration, O’Malley is arguing that he’s had their backs all along.
It was all reminiscent of the stately, too-big-to-fail corporate culture of Hillary’s 2008 presidential campaign. A bigger issue raised by Hard Choices is a more fundamental one—the assumption by Hillary and her handlers that the Hillary Clinton portrayed in its pages is the one voters want: a cautious, unspontaneous caretaker of all things good and true who will never run a yellow light or frighten the horses. Not a Hillary who knocks back a drink stronger than Chardonnay, not a Hillary who will fire back at the partisan congressional committee running a Benghazi witch hunt with a rightly intemperate “What difference at this point does it make?” The blandness of the Hillary presented in Hard Choices was a political, not a literary, choice. It is what created the vacuum that a nimble opportunist like Klein could fill—and that conceivably an opposing candidate might fill, much as Obama did. It’s a book that made no effort to entice, let alone win over, voters who weren’t Hillary fans in the first place. On the other hand, Blood Feud just might attract some new adherents. One of my favorite moments in Klein’s fantasia occurs when Bill Clinton tells his wife that he wants her to get plastic surgery because “dowdy and old doesn’t win the White House these days.” To which, in the author’s inimitable style, Hillary responds, “Fuck you. Get your own face-lift.” I am sure that the Clinton camp is correct and this deplorable, trashy scene never happened. But tell me: Wouldn’t you be more enthusiastic about voting for Hillary Clinton if it had?

#WIKILEAKS dump shows Hillary #Clinton calling muslims “sandniggers” 

SO?  That is what my grandparents called those that follow islam

I wonder how this will sit with Hillary’s best buddies at designated terrorist group CAIR and her Muslim chief advisor Huma Abedin?

Source: WIKILEAKS dump shows Hillary Clinton calling Muslims “sandniggers” – BARE NAKED ISLAM

WikiLeaks: E-mails Expose Clinton Gun-running to Terrorists

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH when is Congress going to take action against these traitors?

One e-mail reveals that an effort by Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi to create a gold-backed currency for the region was among the key reasons globalists supported killing Gadhafi and destroying Libya. Other e-mails reveal that the Obama administration knowingly supported al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, hoping to create an Islamic State. Another shows that Clinton knew her Libyan “rebels” were massacring blacks as part of an “ethnic cleansing” campaign, along with other war crimes. So far, though, the press has largely ignored the scandals, and in some especially bizarre cases has even tried to deny reality.The pro-transparency organization WikiLeaks has released, among other documents related to Clinton, a trove of more than 30,000 e-mails and attachments sent to and from her private server. The e-mails cover Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state — perhaps most infamous for the disasters in Libya, including the Benghazi attack that killed four Americans, the takeover of the country by terror armies, and the brutal summary execution of a former U.S. terror-war ally. “We came, we saw, he died,” Clinton boasted about Gadhafi before cackling maniacally. Despite a virtual blackout by the Clinton-supporting establishment media, Clinton’s involvement in the arming, training, and funding of terrorist groups in Libya and Syria has been well known to more informed segments of the electorate for years. In recent months, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has been making a big issue out of it. The scandals could prove damaging to Clinton once again, especially considering her apparently false testimony made to lawmakers under oath.

Source: WikiLeaks: E-mails Expose Clinton Gun-running to Terrorists – ‘Nox & Friends