muslim islamic terrorist – are not and can not be Constitutional loving Americans

Despite what liberals, the MSM and the Obama regime have tried to get you to believe, Islam is not protected by the Constitution under religious freedom. Our founding fathers recognized the Quran as a Book of Law. They also recognized Islam as a form of government. Benjamin Franklin even wrote about it after he read the Quran. He said; “Muslims are no more of a religion than saying America is a religion.” Thomas Jefferson has been quoted several times saying “Islam has no place in modern society.”
Americans have multiple ceremonies everyday. Each day in the morning they raise the flag and at dawn they lower the flag. Americans pledge allegiance to the flag and to a group of people. Americans trust in [A] GOD…does that make America a religion? NO!!!!
Muslims [followers of Islam] do the same thing. It’s not a religion but a government group. Why? Because the Quran is actually their book of law, and Islam is their government that they swear they’re allegiance to and are sworn to uphold before any other law or government. Just ask any Muslim and he or she will agree with what I have just stated.
So, with that being said…The Constitution specifically states; Any form of closed and or foreign government operating outside the Constitution within the boarders and or Territories of the United States of America is treason…PERIOD!!!
And before you tell me it’s only a small group of Muslims or only the extremist that are committing these atrocities, there is no such thing as a radical Muslim or an Islamic extremist…The whole fictional religion of Islam believes the same exact bullshit. There’s no denominations in the Islamic religion, so they can’t blame another denomination for taking their verses and teachings out of context and being extreme… they’re all taught thee exact same teachings from the Quran, and all believe in the exact same thing. So it really pisses me off when liberals try to separate them into two types. The only two types of Muslims are the ones who’ve committed acts of violence in the name of their fictional religion and the ones who haven’t done so… yet !!!
Lets all remember one thing…What all the peaceful loving religions of the world call RAPE, MURDER and SIN is what is Islam refers to as the will of Allah….time to ban Islam for the United States once and for all.
Michael Graham III

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Centcom Assessing If Airstrike in Syria Accidently Claimed Civilian Lives > U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE > News Article View

And ya know what, I find myself NOT CARING!!
These #muslim #terrorist have come here and are killing AMERICANS. ONE BOMB get er’ done!

Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook said an assessment is still in its early phase and that no conclusions have been made on unintentional civilian deaths near Manbij, Syria.

Source: Centcom Assessing If Airstrike in Syria Accidently Claimed Civilian Lives > U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE > News Article View

At least 16 dead as #islamic gunmen storm Ivory Coast beach resort

The religion of peace is at it again


ALL #muckfuzzies are #terrorists
#islam is evil

Heavily-armed gunmen went on a shooting rampage in the Ivory Coast resort of Grand-Bassam on Sunday, killing at least 16 people and leaving bodies strewn on the beach in the the first attack of its kind in the country.

Source: At least 16 dead as gunmen storm Ivory Coast beach resort