France can kiss my Southern Grits!

There is a certain French Family that I think the world of but I have to tell ya this pisses me off! Giles will understand ūüėČ
Who the hell¬†do they think they are!! We don’t give a shit what you socialist pigs think about OUR POTUS Donald J. Trump!
All ya’ll can kiss my Southern Infidel GRITS!
We liberated your asses one time and then you threw us under the bus — Wikipedia —>>> Renaming was initiated in February 2003 by Beaufort, North Carolina “Cubbie’s” restaurant owner Neal Rowland, who said he was motivated by similar actions against Germany in World War I, when “sauerkraut was called liberty cabbage, and frankfurters were renamed hot dogs”. In an interview about the name change, Rowland commented “since the French are backing down [from the war], French fries and French everything needs to be banned”. In March 2007, Rowland obtained a trademark registration for the term “freedom fries”.
You think we are going to come in and liberate you again from the mess YOU socialist idiots have caused AGAIN!? I hope the hell not!
You wanted the islamic muslim terrorist killers enjoy them and your sharia law! We liberate your sorry dumbasses again it will be in order to call it France of AMERICA!
IMO it is time to revise that stance and say FU France!
Another link to their stupidity below!
¬†PARIS ‚ÄĒ A few hundred people have protested in Paris against U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, expressing their concern about whether he will respect human rights, women and minorities.Protesters, including many Americans living in France, took to the streets Saturday in the Eiffel Tower neighborhood behind a large banner ‚ÄúParis against Trump.‚ÄĚYoussef Al-Moughrabi, born in California and studying in Paris, told The Associated Press that ‚Äúwe are not contesting election results. But in every democracy I believe there is a government and there is an opposition, in a healthy democracy, and we are the opposition.‚ÄĚMany placards could be seen in the crowd with messages against racism, misogyny, Islamophobia, ‚Äúhomophobia‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúwhite nationalism.‚ÄĚ

Source: Hundreds of people protest against Trump in French capital

France’s New sharia Police 

Will the ACLU stand up for American women? Probably not as islam is of the liberal agenda.


The silence of politicians and human rights organizations, when non-Muslim women are violently assaulted because they wear shorts that are not compatible with sharia ‚ÄĒ as opposed to their thundering indignation against police for issuing a fine to a Muslim woman in a burkini ‚ÄĒ signals an immensely important political and institutional move: A fundamental and constitutional principle, equality between men and women, is being sacrificed in the name of freedom of religion, thereby enabling one religion (Islam) to impose its diktats on the rest of society.Studying the burkini case in Nice, Blandine Kriegel, philosopher and former president of Haut Conseil √† l‚Äôint√©gration (High Council of Integration) published an analysis in which she establishes that in the burkini case, secularism or individual freedom were not even in danger in the first place. But ‚Äúfundamentally an openly, the principle of equality between men and women‚ÄĚ was surrendered:

Source: France’s New Sharia Police | Creeping Sharia

Terrorism Tax hits Europe – Global Guerrillas

Liz Alderman at the NYTimes reported that terrorism¬†is squashing Europe’s first glimmer of recovery since the financial crash. ¬†EU economic growth has been halved since spring, with France now at zero. ¬†Here are some details:Tourism is sinking. ¬†For example: ¬†“In France, growth in nightly hotel room bookings after the Paris attacks¬†fell to single digits from 20 percent. After the Brussels bombings, bookings went negative, and after Nice, bookings fell by double digits.”Daily security costs are spiking. ¬†Here’s an example from a single venue, “the¬†Paris Plage, a makeshift beach erected along the Seine, a dozen armed police officers guarded an entry checkpoint on a recent day. Army troops marched past families playing in the sand and half-empty activity points along the river. The patrols, cost taxpayers about 1 million euros, or $1.1 million, a day.”Broad spectrum economic damage. ¬†For example: ¬†retail sales are slumping due to low traffic in stores and large numbers of entertainment events are being cancelled. ¬†The Terrorism TaxAlthough Europe has suffered terrorism before, this time it’s different. ¬†Instead of big and relatively infrequent terrorist¬†attacks, these new attacks are small, numerous and geographically dispersed. ¬†This change is a big deal, because it makes it possible for terrorists to turn attacks into “a tax” that depresses economic activity by imposing new costs and changing economic behavior.

Source: The Terrorism Tax hits Europe – Global Guerrillas

MADAME PRESIDENT? Trump of France, Marine Le Pen, vows to get France out of the EU and islam out of France

MADAME PRESIDENT? The Donald Trump of France, Marine Le Pen, vows to get France out of the EU and Islam out of France¬†Will Marine Le Pen of Front National be anointed President of France in 2017 and ‚Äėmake France great again?‚Äô At the rate Europe is being colonized by Muslim invaders, she might be‚Ķno, she MUST be.

Source: MADAME PRESIDENT? The Donald Trump of France, Marine Le Pen, vows to get France out of the EU and Islam out of France ‚Äď BARE NAKED ISLAM

Heavily-armed French soldiers deployed to protect Christian shrine‚ĶIN FRANCE!

Millions of pilgrims, many of whom are disabled, are drawn to the healing waters of the site in south west France every year where, in 1858, the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared to Saint Bernadette Soubirous. And¬†the numbers swell on August 15 ‚Äď the Catholic feast day of ¬†the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

Source: Heavily-armed French soldiers deployed to protect Christian shrine…IN FRANCE!

FRANCE: Locals and tourists warned to avoid driving through Calais as Muslim invaders are smashing cars for fun

FRANCE: Locals and tourists warned to avoid driving through Calais as Muslim invaders are smashing cars for funMUSLIM migrants wielding bats and knives have been smashing up vehicles on roads near Calais as their owners sit in traffic, reportedly ‚Äújust for fun‚ÄĚ. Local residents are warning others to avoid the area, saying that the migrants are not even checking to see whether children are in the vehicles before they set upon them.

Source: FRANCE: Locals and tourists warned to avoid driving through Calais as Muslim invaders are smashing cars for fun