Open/Conceal Location Restrictions in North Carolina

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North Carolina has no statutes prohibiting firearms in the following places, although administrative regulations may apply:


Sports arenas;

Gambling facilities; or

Polling places.

Source: Other Location Restrictions in North Carolina | Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence

A Vote of Treason

This boils it down rather nicely –


A vote for Donald Trump is a vote to resist the massive corruption of government, a vote against globalism, against “global warming” or “climate change” theology; it is a vote against media collusion and interference in politics. A vote for Donald Trump is not a vote for the person at all, that is why despite the media onslaught of negative stories about him as a person carries no weight with those who support him, because they don’t support him at all, they support what he represents, which is a chance to hold Hillary Clinton responsible for her crimes and therefore all of the crooked politicians of 2012 who coerced votes out of their Republican base only to turn on them the next day. Likewise, a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for a transformed America, a quasi-police state where the government intervenes in business and forces some out of business while subsidizing other businesses that could not possibly sustain themselves without massive graft and media brainwashing. All of those businesses would be held hostage to a criminal organization originating from the White House. It would be a vote to end forever the concept of individual rights. Hillary Clinton would do no less than continue the work of the Obama Administration to destroy individual rights and nearly half of the nation is in favor of just that. It would be a continued replacement of the voters who value the principles of the founding of this nation with those who have no like expectation. It is a vote for the sudden disappearance of websites like this one.

Source: Christian Mercenary: A Vote of Treason

Second Presidential Debate Should Rise above Barbs & Talking Points

It’s not unreasonable for U.S. soldiers deployed in a war zone to want to know what the military and political strategy of the next commander-in-chief would be.

Source: Foreign Policy — Second Presidential Debate Should Rise above Barbs & Talking Points | National Review