Liberals claim Melania copied Michelle Obama’s speech, but here’s one thing she’d NEVER say

Disgusting to compare the two women … mooshelle has no class
But I personally think it bears repeating that Melania Trump will NEVER repeat, plagiarize or copy this infamous Michelle Obama comment:

Let me tell you something. For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country.

Or this one:

Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual.

Yep, that’s for damn sure.

Or how about this:

Help us fight this fight to change — transform — this country in a fundamental way. This chance won’t come around again.

Let us pray it will not.

Or this little gem…

When I look at young British Muslim women, I see myself.

And finally:

I wake up in a house that was built by slaves.

So liberals, you can pick apart Mrs. Trump’s comments from last night. And it’s a darn shame those words bear so much resemblance to Mrs. Obama’s, because we’re praying these two

Armed Citizens Corner: Recognizing an Opportunity For Action When The Killer’s Gun Jams

“I saw a Facebook post from friend and fellow instructor Chris Fry at Modern Defensive Training Systems. Chris posted a video of a unique shooting that happened in Brazil. Surveillance footage showed an attack on a street. The attacker walked within three feet of his intended victim and fired a shot, which missed. The shooter’s gun jammed and the victim just stood casually without moving as the shooter cleared the malfunction and fired another shot. His gun jammed again, but since he had hit his intended target with the second round, he didn’t bother to clear the jam before walking away.”

The Tactical Hermit


By Greg Ellifritz

I’ve written quite a bit about malfunctioning guns over the years.   I published Criminals and the Guns They Carry.  That article was a study of all the unloaded broken and malfunctioning guns police take from criminals.   A couple weeks later I wrote Weapon Malfunctions in the Active Shooter Environment about how commonly killers’ guns jam when they are engaged in a shooting spree.

I guess I’m not quite done done with gun jams for awhile.

I saw a Facebook post from friend and fellow instructor Chris Fry at Modern Defensive Training Systems.  Chris posted a video of a unique shooting that happened in Brazil.  Surveillance footage showed an attack on a street.  The attacker walked within three feet of his intended victim and fired a shot, which missed.  The shooter’s gun jammed and the victim just stood casually without moving as the…

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Clinton, Bush Implicated in Covering Up Saudi Terror in U.S.

hussein met with the Saudi prince Monday
“Prior to September 11th, the FBI apparently did not focus investigative [censored]…Saudi nationals in the United States due to Saudi Arabia’s status as an American ‘ally.’…A representative of the FBI’s [censored] testified in closed hearings that, prior to September 11th, the FBI received ‘no reporting from any member of the Intelligence Community’ that there is a [censored] presence in the United States.”

The censoring of the documents leaves us to wonder what specific terror-related presence the documents are referring to, but it is veryclear that it is a network linked to the Saudi government and insufficient investigative resources were allotted for it because of those linkages.

Repeat: A terrorist network threatening Americans was “apparently” not properly addressed because it wasn’t worth offending the government of Saudi Arabia, even though the documents say the Saudi government was, as one veteran FBI agent was quoted as saying, “useless and obstructionist” on counter-terrorism.

The scandalous revelations could impact the presidential campaign because the Clinton Administration had eight years to address this Saudi network in America.

Islamic State: ISIS releases propaganda video threatening UK, Europe, US and Australia

The hated terror group published the horrifying film, calling on European jihadis to “fill your cars with gas”, weeks before gunman Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel used a lorry to mow day Bastille Day crowds in France. 

In the propaganda clip the Islamist fanatics suggest various methods for carrying out terror attacks in Britain, Europe, the US and Australia alongside detailed descriptions of the carnage they could cause. 

Europe would face ‘huge threat’ from Syria if Turkish coup succeeds

Islamic State claims responsibility for Nice attack

Amongst the sick scenes depicted are a sniper attack in London, a suicide vest bombing in New York, activating a German sleeper cell and a driver using a 4×4 to run over crowds in Australia. 

ISIS has repeatedly advocated the use of vehicles in terrorist attacks and regularly uses cars and trucks to carry out mass bombings and attacks in the Middle East. 

Sec Army to Worldwide Army Commands: “Balance Lactation Support and Readiness” by Ray Starmann

This is not Onion
“Commanders will designate a private space with locking capabilities, an electrical outlet, and access to a safe water source for “soldiers” to express milk.”

The choices here are many: the arms room can store weapons for half the day then serve as a lactation station the other half. How about the battalion command sergeant major’s office? I can think of a particular command sergeant major who served five tours in Vietnam with the 173rd Airborne Brigade and who would have loved his office to be used a lactating station. Not…

“Soldiers must supply the equipment needed to pump and store their breast milk.”

Shouldn’t lactating equipment be issued to all soldiers now? After all this is Obama’s Army.

Here comes the part where you have to sit down and read this:

“Soldiers who are breastfeeding or expressing milk remain eligible for field training and mobility exercises.”

So, a breastfeeding mother will deploy to the field and participate in field exercises while lactating? How is this going to happen? Is the mother going to bring her child to the field? Should the Army now bring tactical day care centers to field exercises with them?


This is not a joke or spoof, but you can be excused for thinking it is. From Ray Starmann on a guest post at

Adolf Hitler once said, “Give me five years and you won’t recognize Germany anymore.”

Well, we’ve given Barack Hussein Obama seven years and you can’t recognize the US Army anymore.

The Obama Administration is literally carpet bombing the military on a daily basis with directives, memos, policies and doctrine that if they weren’t actually happening would be considered to be something out of a Kafkaesque, Gloria Steinem nightmare.

Today, I examined a Memorandum for Record, dated September 20, 2015 and signed by the former Secretary of the Army, John McHugh.

You remember Secretary McHugh, he’s the guy who dodged and delayed Congressman Steve Russell after Russell requested the Ranger School records of the first two female “graduates”, Captain Griest and First Lieutenant Haver. I believe…

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The Saudis Did 9/11, by Justin Raimondo

And isnt it just cowinki-dink that #hussein met with Saudi prince this morn
• Osama Bassnan – This individual, who, according to the report, has “many ties to the Saudi government,” boasted to an informant that he did more for the two hijackers than Bayoumi. He was certainly in a position to do so, since he lived directly across the street from them in San Diego. The FBI characterized him as “an extremist and supporter of Osama bin Laden”: like Bayoumi, his longtime associate – with whom he was in constant communication at the time of the hijackers’ American sojourn – Bassnan was subsidized by the Saudi royal family, and specifically Prince Bandar and his wife. A search of Basnan’s apartment turned up indications that he had cashiers checks amounting to $574,000. Bandar’s wife’s account had a standing arrangement to send monthly checks to Basan’s wife for “nursing services.” There is no evidence that such services were ever performed. The suppressed 28 pages cite direct payments from Prince Bandar to Basnan:

“On at least one occasion, Bassnan received a check directly from Prince Bandar’s account. Accordion to the FBI, on May 14, 1998, Bassnan cashed a check from Bandar in the amount of $515,000. Bassnan’s wife also received at least one check directly from Bandar She also received one additional check froth Bandar’s wife, which she cashed on January 8,1998 for 510,000.”


Acknowledging that Saudi Arabia is not the staunch ally much of the government and mainstream media pretend it to be would upset a lot of apple carts. Justin Raimondo argues that the newly released, but partially redacted, 28 pages are very close to a smoking gun, and probably would be if the redactions were made public. From Raimondo at

News reports about the recently released 28 pages of the Joint Inquiry into the 9/11 attacks are typically dismissive: this is nothing new, it’s just circumstantial evidence, and there’s no “smoking gun.” Yet given what the report actually says – and these news accounts are remarkably sparse when it comes to verbatim quotes – it’s hard to fathom what would constitute a smoking gun.

To begin with, let’s start with what’s not in these pages: there are numerous redactions. And they are rather odd. When one expects to read the…

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