Encroachment near Navy airfield causing closure concerns in Norfolk | Local Military | pilotonline.com


“It would have been absolutely devastating,” Virginia Beach Deputy City Attorney Rebecca Kubin said.

The Navy planned to move Oceana’s jets to Florida, but stopped after the city agreed to a series of changes.

Virginia Beach rewrote its zoning ordinances and spent $129 million buying up 2,347 acres near Oceana. The efforts were hailed as a national model, and last year the city declared the program a success that helped save one of the region’s economic engines.

Similar efforts have been made in Chesapeake near Fentress Naval Auxiliary Landing Field, where since 2014 city officials have spent $3.8 million buying 106 acres. The city also has started backing off when the Navy complains about permitting new developments near the airfield where fighter jets simulate landing on an aircraft carrier.

Hampton has spent $3.7 million since 2013 buying 17 properties near Langley Air Force Base.

But Norfolk hasn’t spent any money buying properties near the naval base’s Chambers Field, where some nearby homes have been around since the 1920s.


Two black ladies may have pitied me today.
I am in day 7 of being unable to talk – it is getting better but I surprisingly am enjoying the comments from the customers – various condolences, secret recipes to assist with recovery – but these ladies offered a startling solution.

“When Hillary is elected you won’t have to be here (at work sick)”

I am so glad I can’t talk.