Understanding The Batshit Leftist Protesters

We recently witnessed that the mere appearance of a certain popular Republican politician was cause to provoke area leftists to riot, viciously attack people and wantonly destroy property. But we must understand (as the Media clearly does) – none of the violence was the protesters’ fault. It was an organic response to what they view as “hate speech”.

Suggestions only. Your procedures may vary.

Stay away from them.
Don’t speak to them.
Don’t look them in the eye.
Don’t acknowledge their existence.
Threaten to shoot them if they come anywhere near your shit.
Shoot them before they get anywhere near your shit.
First shell is bird shot, second is bird shot, third is a slug.

Source: Understanding The Batshit Leftist Protesters

Cyber-Crime: Hackers Steal $81 Million in Sneak Attack on World Banking

Bet you did not hear about this during your morning coffee.Your money is not safe in banks anymore folks..between crooked Governments and wily Hackers you are better off using a coffee can.-SF &nbs…

Source: Cyber-Crime: Hackers Steal $81 Million in Sneak Attack on World Banking

HEE HEE! Muslim savage picks the wrong woman to smack in the face at a party


ha ha #muckfuzzies are hated by most Asians

For some reason the islands of the Philippines is now inundated with them and they are ruling in many parts killing natives and visitors (Americans and Canadians have reported attacks and kidnappings)

In many other Asian nations #muslims are banned from displaying their religion in public – no burka’s, no mosques, #allah is not to be mentioned (or #muhammad, no special exceptions given for prayer time, etc. 

Why this Economy Feels Even Lousier than the Lousy GDP Print: Your Slice of the Economic Pie is Shrinking, by Wolf Richter

So what people saw in the first quarter, with the overall economy nearly stagnating, is that their slice of the pie got smaller by 0.3% compared to the fourth quarter. That’s on an average basis.


What happens when you start looking at economic statitistics on a per capita basis? They look even worse than the usually reported aggregate numbers. From Wolf Richter at wolfstreet.com:

The meme that 14 million jobs have been created since the Great Recession is constantly held up as proof that the labor market has healed, or has practically healed, even if there are a few soft spots left over – such as the pandemic lousiness of the jobs that have been created.

In official circles, the sound of folks patting themselves on the back is deafening. But for many working-age Americans, who have to compete with each other in the labor market, reality is tough.

Turns out, the US population, currently at 323.2 million, has grown by 16.5 million people since the Great Recession. Which is exactly why the unemployment problem has become so intractable: job growth has been less than…

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Clinton’s ‘off the reservation’ remark angers Native Americans, forces Twitter response | Fox News


“I have a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off the reservation in the way they behave and how they speak,” Clinton told Tapper.

Rob Capriccioso, Washington, D.C., bureau chief for Indian Country Today, wrote in a statement to NPR: “I bristle when I hear the phrase because many of the people who use it nonchalantly have likely never thought about its origin, nor have they probably ever visited a reservation.”

Virginia Gun Store Owner Targeted by more than 5 Dozen People

A gun store owner in Virginia has had it with people attempting to put pressure on him to close. So, the owner of what has been dubbed as the closest gun shop to Washington, DC has filed a civil suit against 64 individuals claiming that they conspired to put him out of business.

Source: Virginia Gun Store Owner Targeted by more than 5 Dozen People