The Shooting Drill You’re Probably Not Doing Enough…Or Correct.


(I finally got some range time in tonight, after not getting to shoot much during the moving process. Spent a half-hour at 100 meters, doing nothing but this drill, with the AR and the AK. It’s one that seems mind-numbingly boring and basic, and a lot of really qualified guys hate it, because it’s been so abused and misused for so long, by so many. That’s too bad though, because–done properly–it really is probably the single most important practical, combat shooting drill you can do. –JM)

As I watched the “tactical shooting” training industry take off in the middle of the last decade, one of the things I found bemusing was the trend to get away from simple “Snap Shot” drills, often derided as “UP!” drills, after the shooter command of “Shooter, ready? And….UP!” I watched as guys coming out of different units, both SOF and Big Green, did…

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While speaking with Fox News host Greta van Susteren on Tuesday, 2016 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump revealed why he cares nothing about the negative effect his controversial remarks about illegal immigration have had on his business.

I want to make America great again,” Trump defiantly stated. “That’s more important to me than my company. We will never be great if we keep going like this. We will never be great again as a country.”

The Dead End Roads to Manhood | The Art of Manliness

It has stopped raining MEN!

An American Point of View

dead-end1What a journey we’ve been on.

For the last few months we have been delving deeply into the nature of manhood – its origins, historical imperatives, and standing in the modern world.

First we explored the fundamental tenets of the ancient code of manhood, and demonstrated that in 99% of cultures around the world, in every age up until the present, a male who wished to be considered a man had to strive to protect, procreate, and provide. In so doing we uncovered the perhaps surprising fact that a concern about being manly is far from uniquely Western or modern; not only is the code of manhood timeless and universal, but so is men’s desire to keep it and to earn the title of man. Manhood has been a goal for almost every man since the dawn of humanity.

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Shark falls from the sky into Virginia family’s yard

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — A shark fell from the sky and landed in a Virginia Beach family’s backyard. Sue Boswer said her children found the baby shark last Friday. The 13-inch shark was found on a concrete path in the backyard.

“It was a little bloody on the side, and that’s where the talons had poked him,” Bowser said.

She said the shark was probably killed by an osprey that likely dropped the shark as it flew overhead. The shark — or ‘sharky,’ as the family called it — now resides in the family’s garage freezer.

“I would like to preserve the shark because a lot of people have asked about it and I just think it’s so unique,” Boswer said.

She said she planned to show it to family visiting from out of town in the coming weeks. They haven’t decided yet if they’re going to give the shark a proper burial.

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