Another Reason To Be Armed: Tulsa, OK Homeowner Attacked While Doing Yardwork, Shoots and Kills Assailant

Is there a time when you are able that you do NOT carry your firearm? What would make you decide NOT to carry?

“Comment:Who carries their gun while doing evening yard work? Smart people that’s who! You rarely get to pick where and when you or your loved ones will be attacked. (If you think you will be attacked, don’t go there!)

Attacks by criminals are always a surprise, so always carry your gun, DUH! We always advise picking a firearm that is small enough to carry without discomfort. Larger, heavier guns tend to be left at home or in the car. A .380 in your hand beats a .45 left in the car every time!”

The Tactical Hermit

Couple of things here: First, Oklahoma, like Texas and 21 other States is a STAND YOUR GROUND State, so forget this “Warning Shot” business. If you feel your life is in danger, USE YOUR WEAPON. Second, Always better to HAVE A GUN ON YOUR PERSON and NOT NEED IT than NEED A GUN and NOT HAVE IT! Stay Armed 24/7 because the World is an Unforgiving Place, even in YOUR OWN FRONT YARD! -SF


News in 6 reports in Tulsa Oklahoma this week (5/23/2016)police are investigating a shooting in south Tulsa. About a dozen police cars responded to a 911 call to the 9400 block of South 68th East Avenue around 9:30 Monday night.

In the call, a woman told them someone was acting oddly on her property, rolling around in the yard and pounding on her door. Another 911 caller said a man, who appeared to be very…

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muslim body odor isn’t bad enough, during the month of ramadamadingdong, muslims are not allowed to use toothpaste

“For Muslims, using tooth paste to brush one’s teeth while fasting during the month of Ramadan (from sunrise to sunset everyday) is not permitted. Islamic scholars have advised that Muslims can use a twig stick to brush their teeth while fasting but they must ensure that they do not swallow the saliva thus generated.”

Glock Launches Firearm Safety Pledge Drive

I have never owned a Glock – need to change that 😉


Previous GLOCK Safety Ambassador of the Year awards includes, The Well Armed Woman , in 2016, and the Marietta Police Department in 2014.

Pledge. Make your pledge to handle firearms responsibly and commit to firearms safety every day.
Practice. Follow the 4 Basic Rules of Firearms Safety and always use protective gear for your eyes and ears while shooting or around shooting.
Promote. Share the rules of firearms safety with your friends and family.
4 Basic Rules of Firearms Safety

1. Treat all firearms as if they are loaded.
2. Never point the muzzle at anything you are not willing to destroy.
3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target and you are ready to fire.
4. Be sure of your target and what’s beyond it.

The Tactical Hermit

Make Your Safety Pledge and Be Entered for a chance to win a very nice engraved G17!


Today, GLOCK, Inc. launched the annual GLOCK Safety Pledge Drive with the chance to win a 30th Anniversary pistol by helping to spread the word about firearms safety.

Make the pledge on the GLOCK Safety page and earn an entry for a custom engraved 30th Anniversary Pistol. Earn more entries by sharing and spreading the word about firearms safety on the GLOCK Safety Pledge page here

GLOCK actively works year-round to promote firearms safety across the United States. We proudly join a community of law enforcement, community leaders, businesses, and the firearms industry to raise public awareness about reducing firearm incidents. The responsibility of practicing and promoting firearms safety is an ongoing and everyday commitment. Firearms safety is intrinsically worked into every facet of the company’s ethos, from product design…

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Advice to a peaceful anti-Trump protester

I realize it is highly unlikely that any are on my page he he

“Speaking as a mild-mannered, law-abiding, respectable middle-class white male property owner, I would never justify political mob violence.

But as a student of American history, I admit that mob violence has influence politics and policy, usually in bad ways but sometimes in ways I approve of.

From an amoral, Machiavellian perspective, mob violence only works when (1) the mob represents the opinion of the majority or (2) people in authority choose appeasement to temporarily restore peace.

Neither of these conditions applies to anti-Trump violence. The majority of the American public is not with you, and Donald Trump gets no benefit from appeasing you.”

If you’re thinking of protesting Donald Trump at or near one of his rallies, my advice is: Don’t. ∞∞∞ If you insist on your Constitutional right to peacefully assemble, I’ll absol…

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Global Gun Control Advocates to Meet in NYC to Set UN Disarmament Agenda

It is past time to LEAVE the UN

The agenda of the WORLD is not the Constitution!

“There is no organization better positioned to prepare Americans with the resources necessary to defeat the forces of disarmament in the UN and in our own government than The John Birch Society (JBS). For more than five decades, the JBS has worked to “Get U.S. out of the UN.” The strength that results from this unmatched record of results makes the JBS uniquely able to increase the awareness of the American people for the fight to retain the right to keep and bear arms.”
“Anti-gun globalists will meet in New York City this week discuss ways to confiscate small arms and ammunition from civilians and to consolidate monopoly control over those weapons in the hands of the governments of United Nations (UN) member states. The convention is part of a UN-controlled process of disarmament called the Programme of Action (PoA).

From June 6-10 delegates from around the world will attend the Sixth Biennial Meeting of States (BMS6) of the PoA. This latest planning meeting will give delegates an opportunity to move the ball closer to the goal of ridding the world’s civilian population of the small arms and ammunition that could challenge the ability of UN-approved governments to carry out the will of the world body.

Serving as an agenda for the deliberations will be the Chair’s Summary published after the last meeting in 2015. For Americans, then, it will be instructive to examine this document and identify all of the proposals that would violate the Constitution, specifically the right to keep and bear arms as protected by the Second Amendment. To this end, I will highlight a few of the provisions of the Chair’s Summary that represent the most clear and present danger to liberty.”

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Final Election Primary Day Today – California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota…

Prayers for all

Today is the BIG DAY when the Republican Primary Contests Finish ! ♦ California ♦ Montana ♦ New Jersey ♦ New Mexico ♦ South Dakota ALL Vote Today California Primary Voting 7:00am local (10am EDT) t…

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