How long until someone’s killed at a Trump rally?

My hope is this will never be the case 😦

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Josh Marshall is right.  Sooner or later somebody probably will be killed or seriously hurt at a Donald Trump rally.

People act very differently in crowd or mob situations than they do on their own. There are various theories as to just why this is the case – again, there’s a whole social science and group psychology literature about it.  But crowd/mob situations are profoundly dis-inhibiting events. People sometimes do things they themselves not only regret but almost literally can’t believe they did.  [snip]

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Campaign Rally in Vandalia, OhioIn crowd settings, with what can now only be called Trump’s almost nonstop incitement to eject or beat “thug” protestors, jostling and shoving, ramped up emotions, things can escalate very rapidly.

And let’s be honest, it can happen on both sides.  A hypothetical: a Trump supporter shoves a black protestor, the protestor punches back, others join in.  We don’t need to…

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NY Times stunned to find out who Trump supporters are

Trump’s specialty, meanwhile, is functioning within an economy whose conditions are set for him by someone else.  And he knows how to be predatory, competitive, and get a better deal under such conditions.  But he doesn’t know how to be impartial and try to foster conditions – not special advantages, but basic conditions – that are generically good for everyone.What he does do is talk unabashedly about making America great again.  Which is what millions of struggling middle-class Americans of all races and backgrounds want.  These folks don’t despise America the way the New York Times does.  They don’t think America is the problem.  They think America is the solution, and they want America back.No, they don’t fit the NYT’s laughably stereotypical profile of “people of color” as being “down for the revolution” and hating whitey.  As far as they’re concerned, they might as well be whitey – at least in the terms NYTinvidiously defines whitey by (as if whitey is the only one who believes in working for his own living, and having that produce real rewards).

Source: New York Times stunned to find out who Trump supporters are

FRANCE: Police arrest four Muslims suspected of planning imminent terrorist attack on Paris

When I tried to Tweet this article Twitter wouldn’t let the link go through. I had to turn into a TinyURL to make it go …

Tells me it is as great a read as I thought it was 🙂

Source: FRANCE: Police arrest four Muslims suspected of planning imminent terrorist attack on Paris

Wait a Minute–Who’s Fascist? by Charles Hugh Smith

“It is of course classic Orwellian Doublespeak to label any threat to one’s power “fascist,” and to laud one’s corrupt and venal allies as “freedom fighters,” but the Establishment’s panicked reliance on accusations of fascism is new and yes, dangerous. So let’s step back and ask–precisely who’s the fascist here?”


From Charles Hugh Smith at

The core belief of the Establishment is the central state should run everything.

If you’re an Establishment insider, the mainstream media will give you plenty of column inches and airtime to label Donald Trump a “dangerous” fascist: for example, Democratic insider Robert Reich’s fear-mongering frenzy Donald Trump is a 21st century American fascist, in which Reich conveniently overlooks constitutional limits on any president, “fascist” or not.

In effect, Reich is announcing the Constitution is dead and powerless to limit the President. Well, if that’s the problem, then why not attack the real problem, which is the Imperial Presidency? Why not? Reich served an Imperial President as a loyal lackey, that’s why–and he remains an energetic supporter of the central state and its bread-and-circuses institutionalized serfdom.

If you’re an Establishment insider, you’ll get ample opportunities in the corporate media to label Bernie Sanders…

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Why I am banned from Facebook

(for 24 hours)      Politically INCORRECT

“Observe this post. It’s from a page that you would think eschews PC behavior. No PC. PC is bad. Okay, I’m good with that. Then they begin their intro to their link…yep, Obama’s made things worse for black Americans. (Stop capitalizing “black”…it’s not a proper noun). But wait, because it just gets hilarious.
This group who is against PCness, kowtows to the gods of PC with their final sentence. They refuse to quote a Democrat, LBJ, for his wholly heinous comment “I’ll have them niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years”. Instead, they act like five-year-olds who’re afraid of getting scolded by Mommy, and they do the “n******” thing.
So…a Democrat called black people niggers…admitted he was manipulating them in a most egregious manner, and 53 years later, non-politically-correct advocates are afraid to directly quote him. Y’all have just broken my faith in your commitment. You might as well kneel and kiss Obama’s ring. Ya pussies.”,  My BFF JJ said. 5273682199445504

My comment is posted at the end of JJ’s post on her FB page – no one reported her

Truth is not wanted in America

Here Comes The Big Flush—–Recession Pending, Fed ‘Put’ Ending, by David Stockman

What will pull the handle?
“Once upon a time, real economists, investors and traders knew that business sales, wages and profits are the heart of the matter. No longer. The self-referential sentiment surveys, financial conditions indices and bullish spin on Fed word clouds which animate today’s casino muffle the fundamentals almost entirely.”


From David Stockman at

Talk about sheep being led to the slaughter. The S&P 500 is up 11% from its February 11th intra-day low (1812) because Wall Street still has inventory to unload. That much is par for the course.

Yet the signs of an impending macroeconomic and profits implosion are now so overwhelming that it is truly remarkable that there are any bids left in the casino at all. This morning’s release of business sales for January, for example, showed another down month and that the inventory-to-sales ratio for the entire economy is now at 1.40X—–a ratio last recorded in May 2009.

As Zero Hedge so aptly put it:

“Look at this chart!”

Once upon a time, real economists, investors and traders knew that business sales, wages and profits are the heart of the matter. No longer. The self-referential sentiment surveys, financial conditions indices and bullish spin on…

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