U.S.-Backed Forces In Syria Become More Effective Against ISIS | WBEZ

In the eastern part of Syria, forces backed by the U.S. and its allies say they are pushing ISIS back. And U.S. officials say those forces are becoming more cohesive, and in turn more successful.

Source: U.S.-Backed Forces In Syria Become More Effective Against ISIS | WBEZ

World War Two History: WW2 Vets Aim to Relive History as PT Boat Restoration Nears Completion

My Grandfather – Marvin Beck – was aboard the USS Missouri during WWII — rumor has it he is credited with saving several of his fellow sailors lives during battle. He was a tall (6.5) strawberry-blond (mostly red) haired FIREBALL 😉

Short Stories & Novelettes for the Discerning Martial Citizen

Very Cool. I love to see stuff like this! Wish I could have lended a hand! That is one mean PT Boat!-SF


It was a run-in with the enemy that was too close for comfort, and more than 70 years later, the details remain vivid in the mind of a Navy veteran who served aboard a legendary ship.

U.S. Navy Torpedoman 1st Class James Nerison was part of the PT-305 crew patrolling off the coast of Corsica in 1944 when a pair of German destroyers locked onto them. The Higgins Industries Patrol-Torpedo boats were known for their speed and maneuverability, but they were up against superior Nazi firepower.

“We couldn’t shake them off for about 45 minutes and we were drawing a lot of fire,” Nerison, now 91, recalled. “I secured the torpedo rack that we launched the torpedoes with and ran up to the skipper and said, ‘Do you…

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More Anti-Christian Coverage from Trump News Outlets

The post ends with the words below and for me that is all that matters — I do not care if you are Christian, Pagan, a witch, a warlock, a Mormon or even a Jehovah’s Witness (which I detest them as they destroyed the life of a loved one) but what I do care is are you an #Infidel like ME 🙂

#islam is evil all #muslims are #terrorists
#muckfuzzies are not conducive to operating under the #Constitution

“Believing homosexuals are “worthy of death” is not a crime, not to mention the fact that the phrase “worthy of death” has a number of different interpretation among various Christian denominations and circles. What must be pointed out is that Christians do not call for homosexuals to be put to death. Any Christian, or citizen for that matter, calling for someone to be put to death would face charges for inciting violence.

The only religion and governing body, however, that does call for such things is the religion and nation of Islam.”

Liberty Cannon Media Group

As Donald Trump’s candidacy has risen in popularity among voters, an anti-Christian rhetoric appears to also be on the rise.

Although conservatives are used to seeing this type of stuff from the left, several pro-Trump news outlets have taken what appears to be a bias against candidates of faith. Matt Drudge ran the following headlines, the most recent Cruz headline being from March 12 of this year.



It’s not uncommon for Christians of all types to lay hands on one another in prayer. But to Drudge, this is quite a newsworthy occurrence. Incidentally, Drudge has yet to cover any of the similar activities Donald Trump has participated in, blessings in tongues included. Michelle Malkin at Conservative Review points out Drudge’s blatant double standard when it comes to the faith of presidential candidates:

The most recent smear comes from an entry at The Gateway Pundit which reports words allegedly said by a pastor…

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Republican Elites Plot Convention Against Trump

I am so glad today is the day Rubio will DROP OUT!!


The main GOP establishment strategy to stop Donald trump at this point appears to be trying to organize future caucuses and primaries in a way that would result in a brokered convention. Their Marc…

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Bill de Blasio: Trump doesn’t represent our democracy

HUM and here it was I always thought America was a REPUBLIC

tomfernandez28's Blog

Published on Mar 14, 2016

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio talked to CNN’s New Day about the tone of Donald Trump’s campaign.

Goku Norris

CNN we get you dont like trump but I would think you like your Jobs more than your hate for him. #Trump2016
+Juan Alcaraz De Blasio remind us that the only one who divide us and separate us is Barack Obama.
New Yorker for TRUMP. Screw the elite. Screw Blasio.
I’m tired of words “racism” been thrown around as if they’re nothing. Today if you say I prefer white chocolate over black some delusional idiot is going to call you a racist. The term is becoming laughable…
Billy Harrod
fuck you deblazio. he said these things about illegals not about all hispanics. your a dick. he…

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WOO HOO! German Chancelor Angela Merkel dealt crushing blow to her open-door Muslim migration policies

‘AfD shocks Germany!’.Last night Mrs Petry, who chairs AfD, said: ‘We are seeing above all in these elections that voters are turning away in large numbers from the big established parties and voting for our party.’ Tvictory came despite attacks by leading establishment politicians. 

Source: WOO HOO! German Chancelor Angela Merkel dealt crushing blow to her open-door Muslim migration policies