NASCAR’s Slow Ride to Nowhere

It is all them left turns!

The thrill is gone, and the numbers prove it.After decades of phenomenal growth, NASCAR’s popularity has hit the wall. At Bristol Motor Speedway a couple of years ago, Jeff Gordon told reporters he couldn’t believe the rows of empty seats. Where were the cheering fans who normally packed the stands and infield?Attendance is down at NASCAR races, and no one seems to know why. Even the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte is languishing. Though marketing analysts predicted 800,000 paying visitors would pass through the museum’s doors in 2011, only 272,000 showed up, resulting in an operating loss of $1.4 million. New augurs were enlisted, who soon promised higher attendance for the Hall of Fame’s second year. Instead, the number of visitors dropped another 30 percent.So what happened? Like many other relationships, the one between NASCAR and its fans dimmed because both parties have changed, making the old love affair impossible to carry on.First of all, you know a relationship is in trouble when one of the parties says it wants to see other people. That’s exactly what NASCAR has told its Southern fanbase.NASCAR used to be an all-Southern event. At every race, hundreds would wave the battle flag. The Rebel 500 at Darlington, South Carolina, opened on Confederate Memorial Day. Its opening parade featured a Confederate soldier waving a battle flag.

Source: Free North Carolina: NASCAR’s Slow Ride to Nowhere


North Korea Claims It’s Now Able To Nuke U.S. Mainland

NK, Russia, China they have all seen how we handle killing Americans — we open our borders to you and feed, cloth and provide health care for FREE
ALL #muslims are terrorists
The communist reclusive country of North Korea is claiming that it now has the military capability to detonate nuclear ballistic missiles inside of the United States mainland, this coming after a successful ballistic missile test conducted on a North Korean submarine.

North Korean dictator Kin Jong-Un, claimed that the United States mainland was now in striking distance, calling it one of his greatest achievements as leader of the controversial country, as reported by USA Today.

Joel Wit, who is a former United States nuclear negotiator with North Korea, says he’s concerned, but not too worried. “Because,despite this success, we’re not within striking range of their nuclear weapons.”

Wit added, “I’m concerned, and I think it should be an ongoing concern for everyone.” He added, “If they get that thing working then they will be able to reach the United States, and that, of course, is a serious concern for all of us.”

DEAD ON! LOU DOBBS Calls Out The Republican Establishment: “A Sorry Bunch”

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Lou Dobbs has some thoughts on the disappearing act that Hillary Clinton is pulling, her seriously curtailed campaign schedule and the fact that we’re now in day 263 of playing,  “Where’s Hillary,” with it having been that many days since her last press conference.

Mr. Dobbs notes that Clinton is pursuing a run-out-the-clock bunker strategy, waiting for all of this corruption stuff to fade, at least until election day, now just seventy-five days away.  He says, “She hasn’t held a press conference since early last December and her most recent rally a week ago in Cleveland.”

Dobbs points out that Clinton has been instead engaged in a fund raising blitz, all of it of the closed-door variety. He says, “I think these are signals of what you might expect if she were to be elected president. There are so many signals, aren’t there? Hillary Clinton appears only…

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Winning the War Against “Radical islam” 

“Know your enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a thousand battles without disaster.”


Underneath these serious threats to the United States and Western civilization, lies an even more deadly condition stated here in the words of David Kupelian:“[T]hanks to several generations of infiltration, subversion, and corruption of every single American institution by what we cryptically call ‘the left”–code for a quasi-religious worldview rooted in rebellion against God and His laws, so as to become one’s own god and lawgiver—American culture has become a spiritual vacuum. Whooshing into that vacuum have been every type of ideology, religion, and delusion imaginable, all but eliminating the former Christian character of the nation’s culture”The November 2016 Election should not be about likeability or trivial candidate flaws. It is about big issues and their consequences. Unless Americans see this, we will soon slip into catastrophic cultural, economic, and political chaos.

Source: Winning the War Against “Radical Islam” – The Tribune Papers