Deplorable #WikiLeaks

I love the above link! You can search the email in most keywords – I searched for DEPLORABLE and these five times came up in these emails.
I have included the content in the same order below
Bernie Sanders supports are referred to as deplorable but not Trumps
And both HRC and WJC are referred to as deplorable lol
Date Release Date From To
Subject: Correct The Record Wednesday October 22, 2014 Afternoon Roundup
2014-10-22 17:51 2016-10-10
Subject: H4A News Clips 6.25.15
2015-06-25 11:28 2016-10-07
Subject: HRC Clips | 2.7.15
2015-02-07 15:11 2016-10-07
Subject: H4A News Clips 6.4.15
2015-06-04 11:37 2016-10-07
Subject: Correct The Record Tuesday August 12, 2014 Afternoon Roundup
2014-08-12 18:14 2016-10-07
Lewinsky’s decision to reemerge as a public figure, this time committed to alleviating the scourge of cyberbullying, is awkward. Still, it is inevitable, even without Lewinsky front and center, that Bill Clinton’s deplorable conduct in office will come up as a topic during his wife’s campaign, assuming she gets to the general election this time.
Forbes magazine says the combined net worth of the United States’ 536 billionaires is $2.566 trillion. Is it a grave problem that the 536 have 3 percent of the nation’s $84.9 trillion wealth? Is it deplorable that the Waltons became a family of billionaires by creating Wal-Mart, the nation’s largest private-sector employer? Do you regret that Apple products made Steve Jobs a billionaire? Are any of your however many phones iPhones?
Examiner that USAID only abandoned plans to revamp the hospital in Jacobabad – an impoverished, crime-ridden city 300 miles north of Karachi – after finding its conditions so deplorable that building an entirely new facility emerged as the more economic option. “The U.S. government made a commitment to renovate the hospital in Jacobabad in July 2010. However, after an assessment of the condition of the existing hospital, our engineers determined that it was in such poor condition that it would be more cost effective and practical to build a new hospital instead,” said the USAID official spoke to the Examiner on condition they would not be named.
In many ways, he placed the issue as central in the larger narratives of his campaign — a generational contrast with Clinton and his gubernatorial record. While he declined to challenge Clinton or Sanders directly — he never used their names — O’Malley alluded to politicians who failed to speak up and declined to buck the party, apparent references to Clinton. “When nobody else would speak up about the deplorable treatment of the Central American refugee kids coming to our country for sanctuary, I stood up and spoke very directly,” he said. While Clinton impressed – and genuinely surprised – immigration activists with her Nevada speech last month in which she called for a pathway to citizenship and for more robust executive action on immigration, O’Malley is arguing that he’s had their backs all along.
It was all reminiscent of the stately, too-big-to-fail corporate culture of Hillary’s 2008 presidential campaign. A bigger issue raised by Hard Choices is a more fundamental one—the assumption by Hillary and her handlers that the Hillary Clinton portrayed in its pages is the one voters want: a cautious, unspontaneous caretaker of all things good and true who will never run a yellow light or frighten the horses. Not a Hillary who knocks back a drink stronger than Chardonnay, not a Hillary who will fire back at the partisan congressional committee running a Benghazi witch hunt with a rightly intemperate “What difference at this point does it make?” The blandness of the Hillary presented in Hard Choices was a political, not a literary, choice. It is what created the vacuum that a nimble opportunist like Klein could fill—and that conceivably an opposing candidate might fill, much as Obama did. It’s a book that made no effort to entice, let alone win over, voters who weren’t Hillary fans in the first place. On the other hand, Blood Feud just might attract some new adherents. One of my favorite moments in Klein’s fantasia occurs when Bill Clinton tells his wife that he wants her to get plastic surgery because “dowdy and old doesn’t win the White House these days.” To which, in the author’s inimitable style, Hillary responds, “Fuck you. Get your own face-lift.” I am sure that the Clinton camp is correct and this deplorable, trashy scene never happened. But tell me: Wouldn’t you be more enthusiastic about voting for Hillary Clinton if it had?

The Art and Practice of OPSEC, by T.H.

An area we all need to concentrate on.

Let’s look at that definition again: “An analytical process used to deny an adversary critical information about our planning process and operations.”

It really is as simple as this:

  • What information do you want to protect?
  • Who wants your information?
  • How is your information vulnerable?
  • What is the risk for your information?
  • How can you protect your information?

The OPSEC process consists of five steps. The text book answer is that they are not in any particular order, but personally I like the following:

  1. Analyze the Threat.
  2. Identify Critical Information
  3. Analyze Your Vulnerabilities.
  4. Assess the Risk.
  5. Apply OPSEC Countermeasures.


Analyze the Threat

Who are our enemies and what are they capable of? Are your enemies street criminals, identity theft scam artists, the Mafia, burglars, armed robbers, and/or terrorists? A person living in Atlanta would have a different set of threats (street criminals, et cetera) than a rancher in Arizona (drug runners from Mexico, et cetera). An owner of a logging company may be threatened by eco-terrorists, like Earth Liberation Front, where a butcher may be targeted by the Animal Liberation Front. Conduct research in your area, and determine what the local threats are to you! These may be drastically different than that of your neighbor or local friend.

When analyzing the threat, look at the group’s existence, capability, intent, history, and targeting.

Source: The Art and Practice of OPSEC, by T.H.


OMG Who could see this and actually BE a #Democrat anymore.
#Trump2016 #WikiLeaks

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Hillary insiders panicked over Trump’s celebrity appeal

Paul Joseph Watson – OCTOBER 10, 2016

A Clinton campaign email released as part of the Wikileaks data dump earlier today talks about the need to maintain political power by producing “an unaware and compliant citizenry”.

The email was sent to Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta by former Clinton administration official Bill Ivy on March 13, 2016.

Ivy was appointed Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts during Bill Clinton’s second term. According to his bio, Ivy “is a trustee of the Center for American Progress (a Clinton campaign front), and was a Team Leader in the Barack Obama presidential transition.”

In the email, Ivy outlines the panic amongst some Democrats that Donald Trump’s “celebrity politics” persona cannot be matched by Hillary, who is “not an entertainer, and not a celebrity in the Trump, Kardashian mold.”


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Turkey And Russia Sign Strategic “Turkish Stream” Gas Pipeline Deal | Zero Hedge

Less than three months after Turkey’s president Erdogan, in the aftermath of the mid-July “failed coup” visited Putin in Russia in his first and very symbolic foreign trip, Putin has returned the favor with a visit of his own to Turkey, where he promptly confirmed that economic relations between the two nations are on solid footing with the November 2015 downing of a Russian fighter jet over Turkey now largely forgotten, and where Turkey and Russia earlier today signed the strategic Turkish Stream gas pipeline agreement.As noted previously, once completed the pipeline will carry Russian natural gas to Turkey under the Black Sea, and on to Greece and Europe.

The project, with an estimated total cost of $13 billion, was announced in December 2014 during Putin’s visit to Turkey as an alternative to the canceled South Stream pipeline through Bulgaria, which the Bulgarian government killed due to European pressure.The signing of the deal came after a bilateral meeting between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin who was in Istanbul to attend the 23rd World Energy Congress. During the signing ceremony, Erdogan said ministers and experts will continue to hold bilateral talks after the deal.

Source: Turkey And Russia Sign Strategic “Turkish Stream” Gas Pipeline Deal | Zero Hedge

FRENCH MINISTER says “Britain has a moral responsibility to take the illegal alien Muslin invaders off our hands”

Britain should take in all Muslim invaders posing as refugees living in the crowded “Jungle” camp in Calais who claim to have family links to the UK, French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve said…

Source: FRENCH MINISTER says “Britain has a moral responsibility to take the illegal alien Muslin invaders off our hands” – BARE NAKED ISLAM

#WIKILEAKS dump shows Hillary #Clinton calling muslims “sandniggers” 

SO?  That is what my grandparents called those that follow islam

I wonder how this will sit with Hillary’s best buddies at designated terrorist group CAIR and her Muslim chief advisor Huma Abedin?

Source: WIKILEAKS dump shows Hillary Clinton calling Muslims “sandniggers” – BARE NAKED ISLAM

Since 2014 The US Has Added 547,000 Waiters And Bartenders And Lost 32,000 Manufacturing Workers 

Yet while we would be the first to congratulate the new American waiter and bartender class, something does not smell quite right. On one hand, there has been a spike in recent restaurant bankruptcies or mass closures (Logan’s, Fox and Hound, Bob Evans), which has failed to reflect in the government report.

However, what we find more suspect, is that according to the BLS’ seasonally adjusted “data”, starting in March of 2010 and continuing through September of 2016, there has been just one month in which restaurant workers lost jobs, and alternatively, jobs for waiters and bartenders have increased in 78 out of the past 79 months.

Source: Since 2014 The US Has Added 547,000 Waiters And Bartenders And Lost 32,000 Manufacturing Workers | Zero Hedge