Charlotte violence sparks self defense gun buying spree 

Anderson said that sales of self defense weapons has been swift this week, both in person and online.”Sales last night were brisk. Most of the purchases were self defense shotguns and 12 gauge buckshot,” he said.”We had people waiting at the door this morning who are looking at similar guns. People that were on the fence about buying a gun prior to last night are now making that purchase,” added Anderson.The store is not far from the downtown violence, but has regular security and is so popular among local police that it recently set up an online store for police.

Source: Charlotte violence sparks self defense gun buying spree | Washington Examiner


March 14, 1891 lynchings – Dagoes – Mafia

This is a fascinating story. David DeGerolamo – thanks for sharing.

How America learned about the mafia!


A group of about 150 people, calling themselves the Committee on Safety, met that evening to plan their response. The following morning an ad appeared in local newspapers calling for a mass meeting at the statue of Henry Clay, near the prison. Citizens were told to “come prepared for action.”[30] The Daily States editorialized:Rise, people of New Orleans! Alien hands of oath-bound assassins have set the blot of a martyr’s blood upon your vaunted civilization! Your laws, in the very Temple of Justice, have been bought off, and suborners have caused to be turned loose upon your streets the midnight murderers of David C. Hennessy, in whose premature grave the very majesty of our American law lies buried with his mangled corpse — the corpse of him who in life was the representative, the conservator of your peace and dignity.[33]As thousands of demonstrators gathered near the Parish Prison, Pasquale Corte, the Italian consul in New Orleans, sought the help of Louisiana governor Francis T. Nicholls to prevent an outbreak of violence. The governor declined to take any action without a request from Mayor Shakspeare, who had gone out to breakfast and could not be reached.[34] Meanwhile, at the Clay statue, attorney William S. Parkerson was exhorting the people of New Orleans to “set aside the verdict of that infamous jury, every one of whom is a perjurer and a scoundrel.”[35] When the speech was over, the crowd marched to the prison, chanting, “We want the Dagoes.”[36]

Source: March 14, 1891 lynchings – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Iraqi crime lord made £364,500 a MONTH smuggling migrants from France to UK 

Is this how hussein and killary have made their money?

Iraqi crime lord Twana Jamal, 36, was dubbed the ‘Godfather of traffickers’He made £364,500 a month smuggling migrants into the UK from FranceJamal’s gang stretched to UK and police in this country investigating linksHe was jailed for five years after fed-up migrants tipped off the authorities

Source: Iraqi crime lord made £364,500 a MONTH smuggling migrants from France to UK | Daily Mail Online

Donald’s Electoral Struggle, by Antonius Aquinas

That Hillary Clinton is not significantly ahead despite her enormous advantages must be cause for a lot of sleepless nights among the power elite. A Clinton Presidency would secure the Left’s electoral dominance for years to come.

One man stands in their way.


A formidable obstacle for Donald Trump is the number of people on various government gravy trains. From Antonius Aquinas on a guest post at

After touting her pro-labor union record, the Wicked Witch of Chappaqua rhetorically asked, “why am I not 50 points ahead?” Her chief rival bluntly responded: “because you’re terrible.”* No truer words have been uttered by any of the candidates about one of their opponents since the start of this extraordinary presidential campaign!

That Hillary Clinton is even remotely competitive in the race despite her flagrant and undeniable corruption, numerous breaches of national security, a long incompetent and bungling political career, and the utter lack of any personal charm or charisma, points to ominous trends within the American electorate that if not checked will mean political futility for future challengers of the status quo and continued economic deterioration.
Simply put: Killary is in contention despite a…

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Wife of Charlotte’s Keith Scott Filed Restraining Order Citing Violence and Gun Use in 2015…

“He hit my 8 year old in the head a total of three times with is [sic] fist….He kicked me and threaten [sic] to kill us last night with his gun. He said he is a ‘killer’ and we should know that,” she wrote on the form last October.

nc-riot-19-keith-scottThe complaint asked, “Is there any reason that a law enforcement officer should consider the defendant a potential threat? (i.e., carries concealed weapons while drinking alcohol, has threatened officer, etc.)”

She marked “yes” and wrote, “He carries a 9mm black.”

Could Trump lead second Jacksonian Revolution of Deplorables?

I like this! To find out that I am in good company as with Andrew Jackson!!


The 1829 inauguration of Andrew Jackson ranks as the most raucous in American history. Presidents in those days traditionally held open house for the general public after being sworn in, but no one anticipated that hordes of Jackson’s rough-and-tumble supporters would descend on the nation’s capital for the big day or that they would troupe over to the White House following his inaugural address to shake his hand and guzzle free booze.The party soon spun out of control. China and glassware were smashed, punch bowls and liquor spilled, and mud tracked over fine carpets as men in dirty boots stood on chairs to get a better look at the new president. Washington’s more sedate residents surveyed the chaos and shuddered. They no doubt saw his supporters as “a basket of deplorables,” but historians today view this event as symbolizing a seismic shift in American politics: the Jacksonian Revolution.The Jacksonian Revolution was a reaction to much the same kind of elitism and condescension that Hillary Clinton displayed when she told a select group of her snotty, well-heeled contributors in Manhattan that half of Donald Trump’s supporters are “deplorables” and the other half, in effect, a bunch of losers who aren’t smart enough to vote for her.Some things never seem to change. Until Jackson ran for president, our politics were reserved for the well-heeled elite. Four of our first six presidents were aristocratic Virginia plantation owners, while the other two were father and son and scions of an old New England family.Jackson set out to crash this cozy gentlemen’s club. A man of humble origins he became our first “frontier” president; the first from the West rather than a member of the East Coast establishment.

Source: Could Donald Trump lead second Jacksonian Revolution? – Washington Times