Dose of Truth: The United States Has No War Strategy

“During the Obama era, the tide of war has not receded. Instead, Washington finds itself drawn ever deeper into conflicts that, once begun, become interminable — wars for which the vaunted U.S. military has yet to devise a plausible solution.”

It is About time Somebody laid it Out Plain with no Bullshit, and no better person to do it than Retired Army Colonel Andrew J. Bacevich. His latest book, Americas War For The Greater Middle East: …

Source: Dose of Truth: The United States Has No War Strategy

Liberals Describe UCLA Shooter as “White Male”, There’s Just ONE Problem…

Racist? whitephobia!

“You know, I find it sort of ironic that liberals totally hate on conservatives, consistently calling us racist and all sorts of nastiness, yet they can hate on white people till the cows come home and it’s all good.

Isn’t making assumptions that a shooter is a white male conservative gun lover discrimination? I mean, you’re essentially lumping an entire group of people into one category and assuming they are all the same.

What would happen if you did that to a black person? I can tell you for a fact the outrage would go nuclear.

Yet, that same behavior is perfectly acceptable so long as the person is white.

It’s a ridiculous double standard.”

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Not long after the shooting at UCLA yesterday, media outlets, including the school’s paper, started describing the suspect as a “six foot tall white male,” despite not having the full facts because, you know, “white devil” or something.

Well, the identity of the shooter has finally been revealed, and it basically destroys the above mentioned narrative.


From Twitchy:

Breaking news out of California where police have named the suspect in yesterday’s murder-suicide at UCLA.

According to reports, the shooter was a former Ph.D student named Mainak Sarkar. Sarkar, a graduate of the India Institute of Technology with a Master’s degree from Stanford, had allegedly accused Professor Klug of stealing his computer code and had been angry with the married father of two for weeks prior to the shooting:


The student paper at UCLA had originally described the shooter as a “white male”:


As you might imagine, some…

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U.S. Attorneys Office Files Suit To Seize Payments on San Bernardino Terrorist Life Insurance Policies

Hooray!!!  I Hope they take every red friggin cent from these Life Insurance Policies and send them Directly to the victims families…. I only wish they were for Millions of Dollars. -SF

“LOS ANGELES — Federal prosecutors filed a lawsuit Tuesday to seize payments on life insurance policies taken out by Syed Rizwan Farook, who with his wife killed 14 people in December in San Bernardino, Calif.

The United States attorney’s office in Los Angeles filed the civil asset forfeiture lawsuit for two policies worth a total of $275,000.

Mr. Farook took out a policy worth $25,000 in 2012 and one worth $250,000 in 2013, prosecutors said. His mother was named as the beneficiary of both policies. Mr. Farook’s wife, Tashfeen Malik, died with him in a shootout with the authorities after the Dec. 2 terrorist attack.”

Source: Crusader Corner: U.S. Attorneys Office Files Suit To Seize Payments on San Bernardino Terrorist Life Insurance Policies

Military Defense News: Army Issues 18 Weapon Improvements to Make the Infantry Soldier More Deadly

WELL! You would thank we were at WAR! #sarc

Although not declared, we all should know – we ARE at war and it has only just begun – will be on American soil once Russia and China enter!

“The Army wants soldiers better protected, but also lighter and more agile.
The Army wants better situational awareness, including improved vision at night.
The Army wants to empower smaller units with more portable versions of tech now available to higher echelons.

But what about your guns? Improvements may be more incremental. Physics have limits and so do budgets. But the Army is upgrading carbines with a more reliable barrel, it has picked out a new sniper rifle and it is working to do the same for a new handgun.
These improvements come from a variety of sources, including the Army’s Research, Engineering and Development Command (working closely with industry and academia), the Maneuver Center of Excellence (infused with ideas direct from the battlefield) and of course Program Executive Office Soldier, which develops prototypes and procures field equipment as technological advances become available.
The result: an Army constantly developing and prioritizing new gear to make the dismounted soldier safer and more lethal. Here are just some of the programs underway that could mean new gear to the front lines — sooner than you think.”

Short Stories & Novelettes for the Discerning Martial Citizen

Soldiers should not hold their breath on any of these, some of this tech has been “in the pipeline” for years.-SF

M41. M4A1

 What does it do? Long-distance hole-punch. (It’s the latest version of your M4 carbine rifle.)

How heavy is it? Unloaded and without accessories: 7.74 pounds

When might you have one? You might already. The upgrade of M4s (and replacement of M16s) is around a quarter complete and will continue until roughly 2020.

Why should you care?The upgrade offers a heavier barrel; some soldiers reported M4s overheating, becoming warped and then jamming during extended use, particularly in Afghanistan. It also adds ambidextrous safety controls and converts the weapon’s three-round burst option into fully-automatic.

Will this actually happen? Yes. Here’s what won’t happen, however: The Army also ran a market survey in March 2015…

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Elite Special Forces Insider Warns Of Serious Civil Unrest This Summer: “Everything Is Right For Things To Go Very Wrong” by Mac Slavo

I have found even as someone who is financially stressed at all times that there are things I can do to prepare. The greatest of which is knowledge.

“Kennedy warns that once civil unrest happens on a nationwide scale, you’d better have taken steps to prepare, because just as we saw in Venezuela, Argentina and elsewhere during such tense periods, essential goods disappear from the shelves almost overnight.”


The title of this article may look like one of the way too many Internet ads for people flogging their crises preparation videos, books, supplies, etc. The article is on SLL because “serious civil unrest” is a real and significant danger, and because at the end of the article, which you’ll have to click the link to see, there’s a good checklist and a lot of helpful links. From Mac Slavo at

In the lead up to the Presidential election we’ve seen pockets of riotous behavior across America. Whether supporting Trump, Sanders, Hillary or Cruz, average Americans appear to be ready to go to war with their government or with each other. This sentiment, coupled with continued economic degradation and a general feeling of a populace that has for decades been marginalized by the political machine in the United States, is showing all the signs of serious civil unrest…

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