The Gospel According to You


Matthew 28:20; 2 Timothy 2:2

MATTHEW, Mark, Luke and John are not the only Gospels. There is the “Gospel according to you.”

Most people do not read the Four Gospels. Once in a while they hear a few verses in a sermon. Or read a chapter for conscience’s sake. Or listen to a message in Sunday school or at a funeral. But for the most part, the first Gospels lie untouched. A diamond mine on the library table waits to be explored… while we chase dirt and dollars!

But people will read the “Gospel according to you.” For if you are one of His disciples, you are a living “epistle… known and read of all men” (2 Cor. 3:2). The life you live is His personal witness, and it will be read and studied where the other Gospels lie unused.

Men do not read the beatitudes. But if you are…

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VIDEO Beautiful Feet and Gospel Shoes


And having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace. Ephesians 6:15

In this day of instant news, it’s hard to imagine how information traveled in the ancient world. For example, when armies went out to battle, runners would be dispatched from the battle scene to return and inform the king as to the outcome of the battle (2 Samuel 18:26). The prophet Isaiah wrote about the beauty of feet that came with good news (Isaiah 52:7).

Isaiah was speaking prophetically of the good news that Israel would be returning to her homeland from exile in Babylon. How beautiful were the feet of those who would bring that message! And Israel’s return from exile prefigured the spiritual release from sin provided by Christ. Paul quoted Isaiah 52:7 when he noted the Good News of the Gospel of salvation (Romans 10:15). And he also…

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Another Innocent White Girl Murdered by Black POS “Refugee”

The Tactical Hermit

Her Name Is Jupiter Paulsen: 14-Year-Old White Girl Murdered—Stabbed More Than 20 Times—By A Black (Liberian ) Male In Fargo, ND: Was He A Refugee?

Remember Mackenzie Lueck and Mollie Tibbetts?

Obviously the bastards in Washington D.C. do not.

That is why they keep importing these Foreign Criminal POS into this country by the plane load.

Enough is Enough of this Madness.

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