Maricopa County Forensic Auditor Notes Media and County Officials Intentionally Misleading Public About Deleted Vote Result Databases

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

May 24, 2021

Arizona will be the first state to be reversed for former president Donald J. Trump.

The media and Maricopa County officials have been claiming that voter result databases were not deleted; and they reference the ability of the auditors to recover the deleted information as proof the voter data was never deleted.

Appearing on One America News, news network whose anchors helped raise money to pay for the audit, Kelli Ward suggested the arrest if officials don’t comply. 

Ward’s comments came after the Republican-controlled Board of Supervisors for Maricopa County refused to attend a meeting Tuesday with GOP senators who had demanded the audit.

The board called the audit was a ‘sham’ run by ‘grifters’ that cast doubts upon the democratic process

And it wasn’t the first time an arrest has been suggested.

In February, when the county was arguing against…

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