Polokaust Passive Genocide: Reducing the Polish Birth Rate. Jews Wear Star and Poles Wear Letter P: Polish Forced Laborers. Knab | Justice4Poland.com

Additional survival tricks


Wearing the Letter P, by Sophie Hodorowicz Knab. 2016

Parallelism Between the Experiences of Poles and Jews in Nazi Germany. Forced Labor as Passive Genocide–Part of the Polokaust

Author Knab cites German historian Ulrich Herbert. He stated that over 7.6 million foreign workers were registered for the territory of the Greater German Reich. Of these, 1.7 million were Poles (not including POWs), with over half of them female, and with an average age about twenty. (p. 36).


Although Poles and Jews were supposed to be “unequal victims” of the Nazis in the group sense, their respective experiences overlapped considerably. For instance, bothJews and Poles had to wear humiliating identification. In March 1940, the March Decrees on Poles, the POLENERLASSE, had been enacted by the Nazi authorities. They required that Poles wear the “P”, be as segregated from Germans as possible…

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