Superstar (+Heroic) Senator Behind the Audit REVEALS the Little Details!

The Mad Jewess

Breaking! Arizona ( AZ ) Senator Sonny Borelli talks about the findings in Maricopa Arizona audit. Can the Islam-loving Radical Left hang on any longer?

The AZ audit is bringing the Islam-Left to it’s knees. Is that why they’re scared to death and so they kicked off bombing Jerusalem to get the attention away from the damn truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Author: Lisa the Infidel

I am an #Infidel - born and bred North Carolina.

7 thoughts on “Superstar (+Heroic) Senator Behind the Audit REVEALS the Little Details!”

    1. AZ is opening the way.
      The Dems are the Crime Syndicate.
      Looks like the Apocalypse.
      How much eviler than this can anyone get in History?

  1. Hi Lisa,

    The audit will bring Biden and Obama to jail.
    It’ll bring Trump back to the White House this week.
    This is big news.
    Watch that space.

  2. Hi Lisa,
    Dominion’s falling like a stone.
    They won’t turn over the voting machines’ passwords to Cyber Ninjas in AZ.
    So Dominion is violating the law.
    The AZ court had ordered Dominion Machines to turn over all the info about the election to Cyber Ninjas.

      1. Time to reveal the Antichrist Obama.
        The day after Obama’s win, the same day as his acceptance speech in Chicago, the Illinois Lottery drew 666.
        Impossible for that to happen by coincidence.
        The chances are impossible. So logically that makes Obama the Antichrist with no other explanation that’s possible.
        Why is everybody so quiet about it? Scared? They’re scared of the big bad Bogeyman, Obama the Devil aka the Antichrist i.e. Satan.
        Obama’s homosexual like the Antichrist is predicted i.e. the Abomination.
        He uses a fake name and ID and tha’s exactly what the Antichrist is i.e. “The Man from Nowhere”.
        He’s also the announced “Fake Man of Peace” (the Antichrist’s name) because Obama killed half a million in the Arab Spring – he’s really a “man of peace” allright! Half a million!!! Christ!
        His cousin in Kansas says Obama’s really Barry Parks (Rosa Parks’ nephew) and it’s to hide that that his family is hiding his real name.
        There’s a murky murder involving the KKK and their family rolling into it; they’ve got to hide it or else their careers are gone. They’re big wigs in the Washington Establishment and have been presidents for 28 years on both sides of Obama’s related families.
        They need to hide who Obama is at the cost of their careers.
        I don’t give a damn and I’m going to reveal it all.
        YOU want to reveal it?

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