Germany: Islamic scholar opposes Muslims’ claim that women do not wear headscarves because they are afraid of being discriminated against

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Allah's Willing Executioners

In Germany, a study entitled “Muslim Life in Germany” was conducted. Among other things, it examined the extent to which religious affiliation or regional origin affect integration into the host society.

Based on the results of this study, the Austrian Islamic scholar Mouhanad Khorchide is now calling for a broader headscarf discussion among Muslims in this country, reports the news agency APA. In the weekend edition of the daily “Rheinische Post”, the scholar, who teaches at the German University of Münster, wrote in a guest article:

“I would like to use the example of a result of the study ‘Muslim Life in Germany’ to show the urgent need for a more intense inner-Islamic discourse on the subject of the headscarf.”

He justifies his demand with the results of the study. According to the study, 88.6 per cent of those who wear a headscarf see it as a religious duty. 76.6…

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