10 Pieces of Playground Equipment that Nearly Killed Your Grandparents


H/T Mental Floss.

This equipment made us stronger than the wimpy kids of today.

Fox Photos/Stringer/Getty Images


With equipment that made a mockery of the universal conditions of gravity and physics, the schoolyards of the early 20th century were a treacherous labyrinth of concussion and contusion. Grandpa always said he was tough—but even if you don’t believe that he walked eight miles uphill in the snow to school every day, these vintage playground devices were truly perilous.



Barrel of fun? More like barrel of trouble.ARCHIVE.ORG // PUBLIC DOMAIN

“A mechanical greased pig” is how Hill Standard’s Barrel-of-Fun was described in 1922. The barrel was built to be anchored in a slab of concrete, and kids were encouraged to dive over the top of the 140-pound steel cask or attempt to hug its smooth surface and spin themselves silly. Some adventurous youngsters would even step up on…

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Author: Lisa the Infidel

I am an #Infidel - born and bred North Carolina.

9 thoughts on “10 Pieces of Playground Equipment that Nearly Killed Your Grandparents”

  1. MANY things we did and played with as kids. Would NEVER be allowed today if they knew. Not just playing, but me and my brother used to sit in tractor bucket …our legs dangling off front, whild dad drove tractor to field to haul rocks! WE DIDNT DO cell phones or laptops etc….

  2. And I know my grandparents never played on any of those. No such thing to be found on a farm. and they didnt leisure in town. There wasnt anything like that in these old country towns anyway. Maybe big cities had em. Chicago, NY…..

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