Woody Harrelson to Star as Doctor Who Saved the Lives of Jews in WWII


H/T War History OnLine.

This sounds like it will be a good movie.



Woody Harrelson, the three-time Oscar nominee will star in the role of Felix Kersten in a film version of Joseph Kessel’s novel The Man With the Miraculous Hands, a novel based on the life of Kersten, who was Himmler’s doctor.


The novel details the historical story of Felix Kersten, who was able to relieve Heinrich Himmler’s abdominal pain. Himmler was the head of the SS (Schutzstaffel) and the second most powerful man in Germany during the Third Reich.

Himmler’s doctor, Felix Kersten

Under Himmler’s leadership, membership in the SS grew to over 50,000 by 1933. When Adolf Hitler became the Fuehrer of Germany, Himmler became the commander of all German police units outside of Prussia. He founded the first concentration camp at Dachau.

The concentration camps resulted in the murder of millions, predominantly…

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