Zucchini Bread Recipe

I love zucchini bread also 😋


H/T The Nibble.

I love zucchini bread.

With An Option For Chocolate Zucchini Bread   Zucchini Bread History   According to Food Timeline, zucchini bread descends from a long line of European sweet vegetable puddings that date back to the Middle Ages. Carrot pudding is one of the oldest examples. Sweet potato pudding/pie followed during the Renaissance (source).

Carrot pudding crossed from vegetable to dessert cake in the 20th century, and other vegetable-based desserts like sweet potato pie emerged.

During World War II, zucchini had proved to be a prolific grower in American victory gardens. It remained in home gardens after the war, and recipes proliferated.  

Food historians point to the 1960s for the growth in popularity of zucchini bread. The hippie movement was in full swing, and hippies sought healthier foods. As an alternative to the sugary frosted layer cakes and sheet cakes, sweet quick breads like zucchini…

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