Armed Citizen Beats Armed Bad Guy In Wild Shootout Near Highway Plus Interview With Defender

Situational awareness FIRST


H/T Concealed Nation.

Make sure to watch both videos.

So many things can happen when you find yourself fighting for your life, and the lives of your family. The gentleman in the video below was with his family in their van when trouble came walking up to them, armed with a gun.

This is a two-part deal, so be sure to watch both videos below. We share many of Active Self Protection videos because, when viewed and understood, they become valuable tools for us to learn a nearly endless amount of lessons.


In a rare event, John was able to interview the man behind the defending actions, which you can also watch below. These interviews are important, as they give insight into the mindset of the person who was forced to defend themselves, allowing us all to learn from the experience even more.

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