Swiss TV presenter insults the chairwoman of the Association for a Progressive Islam and opponent of the Burka as an “extremist Muslim”

Allah's Willing Executioners

After six years, it’s over. “Sternstunde Religion” presenter and scholar of Islam Amira Hafner-Al Jabaji (50) is leaving Swiss public broadcaster SRF – at her own request. The station announced this today.

In the future, Hafner-Al Jabaji wants to realise more of her own interreligious activities. She had not only made friends with this recently. In February, she attacked the critic of Islam Saïda Keller-Messahli Fathima Ifthikar after the broadcast of the “Arena” on the burka ban.

The latter she said was like an out-of-control bulldozer that flattened everything that stood in its way in terms of argument. In her blog, the SRF woman wrote: “She is not a moderate. That much is clear. She has left the argumentative path and has become increasingly radicalised in recent years.”

Hafner-Al Jabaji also lashed out at her employer SRF. Keller-Messahli is an “extremist Muslim” who, because of SRF and other media, is…

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