Tim Scott blasts Biden, Democrats for filibuster flip-flop: They cry ‘racist whenever they want to scare you’

Jim Campbell's

Jesse Jackson is credited with calling blacks, hyphenated Americans as in African Americans when a large percentage have never been there of could find the continent on a globe.

Democrats ‘literally on the prowl for a liberal takeover of everything,’ GOP senator warns

Fox News

By Charles Creitz

March 27th, 2021

Sen. Scott, R-S.C., blasts Democrats overuse of ‘racist’ to describe opponents’ politics

Ethics Panel has no ethics. If a member of the House or U.S. Senate are Democrats or black they walk.

Tim Scott tells ‘Fox News Prime time’ Democrats ‘on prowl’ for liberal takeover and want to stoke ‘fear’.

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., ripped President Biden and congressional Democrats Friday for changingtheir view of the Senate filibuster rule, telling“Fox News Primetime” that they are invoking racism in order to scare Republicans.

Scott told host Brian Kilmeadeit was both “frustrating and irritating” to see Democrats use…

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