Germany: Dark-skinned men attack mother, knock over pram – baby seriously injured

Allah's Willing Executioners

The crime was committed yesterday at noon in Lengefelder Street in Korbach (Hesse). According to the mother, the two strangers first tried to tear off her mouth and nose protection. When she resisted, one of them kicked the woman and slightly injured her. The other pushed the pram over. The six-month-old baby inside fell to the ground and was seriously injured. A rescue helicopter took the infant to a special clinic. It is not yet known how the baby is doing and whether there are any possible consequential damages.

The perpetrators fled after the crime. According to the mother’s description, they are both between 15 and 20 years old and have dark skin. They were both wearing a baseball cap and dark clothes.

The police are asking witnesses who have clues about the perpetrators or the crime to contact the police in Korbach by calling 05631-9710 or any other police…

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