Below the Radar – FOPA Improvements For Travelers Are Back


H/T AmmoLand.

While this is a good piece of legislation it will not make it through this anti gun Congress.


United States – -( In the 116th Congress, Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) introduced improvements to the Firearms Owners Protection Act’s provisions regarding travelers with firearms, known as the Lawful Interstate Transportation of Firearms Act of 2019. Having won a well-deserved re-election bid, he has now re-introduced the legislation, which is labeled S 525 in the 117th Congress. Text of the legislation is not available as of this writing, but it is safe to assume it will be similar to what he introduced in the last Congress.

As we discussed with this legislation earlier, this is needed to address the local and state officials in certain states and localities who seem to think that harassing law-abiding travelers somehow improves public safety. It didn’t when New Jersey persecuted 

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