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A look at the history of twister.

Inducted 2015
Twister board game

In 1964 toy inventor Reyn Guyer conceived a shoe polish promotion as a game with a mat on the floor and with people serving as the playing pieces. Guyer hired an artist and a toy designer, Charles Foley and Neil Rabens, to help him with the development of the basic idea, and the three devised a game they called Pretzel. Foley and Rabens took the idea to the Milton Bradley Company, which saw promise, and the men received a patent for the design. After some deliberation, Milton Bradley utilized a printer at General Tire, which manufactured shower curtains, to print the large color spots on plastic mats. When the firm determined the name Pretzel wasn’t available, it chose Twister instead. It was ready for market in 1966.

Before witnessing host Johnny Carson play Twister with actress Eva Gabor on 

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