Idaho House Approves Armed School Staff Bill



H/T Bearing Arms.

Bravo to the Idaho legislature for moving one step closer to assuring their children stay safe in school.

Under current Idaho statutes, school staff who possess an enhanced concealed carry license can carry on campus, so long as the local school board has given permission beforehand. Under a bill that cleared the Idaho House by a 52-18 vote on Thursday, however, school staff could carry even if their local school board doesn’t approve.

Rep. Chad Christiansen, the author of HB 122, says this isn’t an issue about local control but instead is a Second Amendment issue.

He noted that the Idaho Sheriffs Association, state chiefs of police, and schools all oppose the bill, but said his local sheriff from Caribou County “fully supports” it. “This is a bill about school safety and our children,” Christensen said. “The firearm is a tool, simple as that, and the fear…

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