FBI stated in the late 90’s that child molestation was their standard holding charge

SMH… Broward County AGAIN


But we shall see. Funny that they haven’t released the shooters name yet

“In the bloodiest day for the FBI in decades, two veteran agents were shot to death and three others wounded Tuesday morning when a gunman opened fire from inside his home as they attempted to serve a search warrant at an apartment in Sunrise as part of a child-pornography probe.

The gunman, not yet identified by the FBI, is believed to have monitored the approach of the agents with a doorbell camera and ambushed them through the unopened door with a hail of bullets from an assault-style rifle, law enforcement sources told the Miami Herald.

“There are several huge holes in the door going outward,” one law enforcement official said.

The murders of agentsDaniel Alfin and Laura Schwartzenbergerleft the FBI reeling, as investigators began piecing together what went wrong in the type of raid that…

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