Biden’s Call To “Defeat The NRA” A Warning For All Gun Owners


H/T Bearing Arms.

It is Joe Pee Pads Biden’s wet dream to be able to say he defeated the NRA.

Below are links to Second Amendment groups.

I am going to add one more and you do not need to be Jewish to join

We already know that Joe Biden ran on the mostanti-gun platformof any presidential candidate in American history, but if gun owners had any doubt about the sincerity of the next president’s desire to attack the right to keep and bear arms, Biden’s tweet on Friday pledging to “defeat the NRA” should put those doubts to rest.

The National Rifle Association responded to Biden’s message in a tweet of its own on Sunday, urging members and gun owners to stay engaged in the political fights ahead.

The NRA isn’t the only Second Amendment organization reacting to Biden’s threat. Alan Gottlieb, founder and…

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