International Outcry Grows Over Big Tech’s Censorship Of President Trump – Nwo Report

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Source:Niamh Harris

International outcry has been increasing as big tech censorship gets underway.

The move has triggered fierce debate about where the balance lies between a tech company’s right to censor users who breach their content policies versus an individual’s right to freedom of expression.

Political leaders from all part of the world have voiced their concern at the unchecked power of Big Tech giants following their purge of President Donald Trump.

The following list was compiled byBreitbart news:


German chancellor Angela Merkel, whose pro-migration, anti-hate speech policies have little in common with President Trump or his movement, has nonetheless expressed concern at Silicon Valley’s unchecked power.

“The chancellor sees the complete closing down of the account of an elected president as problematic,”saidSteffen Seibert, chief spokesman of the German chancellor, at a recent press conference in Berlin.


French political leaders also…

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