Video: The Racist History Of Gun Control


H/T Bearing Arms.

Racism and gun control walk hand in hand.

Video: The Racist History Of Gun Control

All throughout the nation, people are calling for the destruction of anything and everything they can see that might even be minutely related to slavery and racism that permeates so much of American history.

While this racism is typically overstated to some degree, any honest look at our nation’s history has to acknowledge that racism has been a part of that history. It’s been there for far too much of our country’s time on this planet.

These days, the destruction of statues has been the predominant way of pushing back against that history, yet there’s another racist legacy that still exists in this country.

The funny thing is, the people ripping down the statues? They tend to support that legacy.

In particular, gun control. Check out this video from The Daily Caller.

None of this was new to…

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