U.S. intelligence agencies’ ability and willingness to manipulate society through surveillance, disinformation, celebrity culture, and strategic news leaks

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

December 1st, 2019

It would be easy to denounce this entire chapter of U.S. government history and the CIA into the realm of fantasy.

That is not likely to happen as there are far too many supporting documents and early videos showing their acts in great detail.

It is well known that the CIA has been involved with mind control experiments, using the term experiments quite loosely, what was not well known is that the Canadian government was involved perhaps to a greater extent than the U.S. and they are now paying victims of this abuse as discussed in the video below.

Critics counter that revelations that the CIA and the National Security Agency can hack into phones, computers and even televisions connected to the internet show their powers are still too great and threaten essential personal liberties and constitutional protections.

The agency has been running…

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