Burned out


Bill Vestil is a friend out Colorado way. He and his wife were finally getting back on their feet after being destroyed during the Obama years. They had  lost property, money and eventually hope.   But recently they had some good luck and business come their way and were revitalized. I host a link to their business, crystal stix, in my blogroll and wirecutter at knuckledraggin helped them out tremendously.    Bill invested in a 1000 Sq. ft greenhouse and diversified their business. Things were finally looking up; but then tragedy struck two weeks ago  and they lost every single things they owned in the Moffat fire. Heirlooms, business stock, truck and trailer, animals and of course the new greenhouse. Insurance? Not a whit.  Below is a link to a local news video where Bill is being interviewed.


Bill Vestil CBS4’s Matt Kroschel interviews Bill Vestil (credit: CBS)

I haven’t decided yet…

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