Tuberculosis in the Migrant and Refugee Population: Is Silence Deception?

Frauds, Crooks and Criminals

This story from Fargo, ND this week got me thinking.

Refugees and tuberculosis: After Fargo commissioner expresses fears, other officials offer perspective

Before I tell you more about the apparent sudden realization by some in North Dakota that refugees are admitted to the US with tuberculosis (I was shocked by that fact in 2007!),  know that this is how and why the US Refugee Admissions Program has become reviled by many: the contractors and promoters of it keep secret certain things they don’t want the public to know because the general public would find it unacceptable.

When citizens learn the truth, then they believe they have been lied to!

One such example involves the issue of the infectious diseases that are permitted entry to the US with the refugee flow. (A separate issue is the one involving diseases that arrive with illegal aliens and travelers.)

tuberculosis-cartoon Symptoms and signs…

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