Picking Ginsburg’s Replacement Will Be an All-Out War


H/T Founding Fathers Daily.

The fight to replace Ruth Buzzi(Bader)Ginsburg is going to be a long loud and bitter fight.

Mr.President hang tough we”The People” have your back.

The next big brawl in Washington can be summed up in three short words:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The senior Justice on the Supreme Court is taking longer than anticipated to recuperate from lung surgery. No, she’s not on deathwatch. The media and the politicians aren’t that crass…

They don’t need to be. Because all Ginsburg needs to do is retire.

And right now, both sides in the war for the Court are hungering for an all-out throw down… one bloody battle to define the ideological makeup of the court for a generation or more.

Trump badly wants to shore up Republican support by handing them the greatest control over SCOTUS they’ve had in modern history.

Republicans, dog tired of the embarrassing infighting…

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Author: Lisa the Infidel

I am an #Infidel - born and bred North Carolina.

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