Whosoever believeth that Jesus is the Christ is born of God


1 John 5

1 John 5:1

Dost thou believe in Jesus? Dost thou love thy Lord? Then thou art born again.

1 John 5:2, 3

Obedience proves the truth of. faith, especially obedience to the command which bids us love. It is idle to talk of being saved if we are not living unto God.

1 John 5:4, 5

Faith, then, is the sure evidence of the new birth, and if we believe in the Lord Jesus we are born again, and shall overcome the world.

1 John 5:6

Cleansing from the power of sin, and delivering from its guilt.

1 John 5:7, 8

Instead of all other heavenly signs, the church has for her standing miracles the energetic work of the Holy Ghost, the purifying influence of the gospel, and the peace-giving energy of the atonement. If there be no power of the Holy Ghost, no sanctification, and no…

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Author: Lisa the Infidel

I am an #Infidel - born and bred North Carolina.

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