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Exodus Reality

For most of the past century, scholars have tended to regard the story of the Exodus as a myth — a story meant to inspire awe and devotion but not one grounded in history. However, recent archaeological discoveries have begun to change that.

The doubts scholars have had about the story of the Hebrews’ flight from Egypt may be summed up in the words of Baruch Halpern, a professor at Penn State: “the actual evidence concerning the Exodus,” he says, “…resembles the evidence for the unicorn.”

As justification for their skepticism, scholars point to the lack of references in Egyptian chronicles of the period to either the Hebrews’ sojourn in Egypt or the Exodus.

But as Jeffrey Sheler points out in the book, “Is The Bible True?,” while there may be no specific mention of the Hebrews in ancient Egyptian records, there is plenty of indirect and circumstantial…

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