The End🔚 of the end🔚

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A question

Can we achieve end of the end? It is the most difficult task to achieve. To end the end we should know the end from the beginning. Oh! You didn’t get me. Let me explain.


Suppose you want to avoid a terrible accident on the road. You can completely avoid it if you knew about it beforehand. But in the real world this doesn’t happen. Accidents do happen and people do die tragically.


In today’s topic, I am referring to death as the end. The human life is ironic. When we are born, everyone is rejoicing except the newborn baby. The baby enters into the world with crying. When we die, everyone else is crying except the dead. The dead is not interested in any kind of affairs of this world. It simply doesn’t make sense to the dead. As if it is saying I have…

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I am an #Infidel - born and bred North Carolina.

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