Are failed states coming to Europe?


No Go Zones: A Guide to Western Failed States and European Secessionist MovementsAs with most things, the answer to this question depends on how we define “failed state.” For example, the presence of terrorism within a state doesn’t necessarily make it a failure, but rampant terrorism is a signature feature of a failed state. No one would suggest that the 9/11 attacks on America make it a failed state. However, the constant terrorist attacks against the Afghan state might be an argument in favor of Afghanistan as a failed state.

A more useful concept in terms of understanding whether or not failed states are coming to Europe is the so-called “No Go Zone.” United States President Donald Trump made headlines when he suggested that Sweden was on the verge of civil war or collapse. The press quickly lambasted him. How could this possibly be true of a country ranking in the top ten most stable countries in the world?

There are…

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Author: Lisa the Infidel

I am an #Infidel - born and bred North Carolina.

5 thoughts on “Are failed states coming to Europe?”

  1. You don’t even need No Go Zones or Terrorism. The people just don’t pay taxes and just keep asking for handouts. The country will become copies of the current Venezuela.

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